Shirley, Cairn Terrier Mix

Meet Shirley.

Shirley3This poor girl was turned into the pound in this horrible condition.

Shirley is miserable. Most of her hair has fallen out and her skin underneath feels like leather.

She is literally ripping mouthfuls of her own hair out in an attempt to help with the incessant itching.

Because of her condition, Shirley was unadoptable and scheduled for euthanasia at the county pound. That’s when M.A.I.N. stepped in to give this girl a new life and the vet care she so desperately needs!

Despite her obvious discomfort, Shirley is friendly to every person and dog she meets and can’t stop wagging her tail at all the attention she’s getting.

Shirley reminded us of another M.A.I.N. dog, Laverne and so we named her to match! In fact, Shirley will be going into temporary foster with Laverne and her foster family; stay tuned for some adorable pictures of these two girls!


We need help with Shirley’s medical bills, so we can continue to save other animals in need. Please share Shirley’s story and pictures and if you are able, donate via PayPal on the link at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

¬†Shirley’s Updates:

Shirley has been adopted! Congrats to Shirley and new fur-ever mom. Shirley will have a wonderful life!

Shirley's furever mom!Update on Shirley, Oct. 2013 from her foster mom: Shirley doesn’t itch much anymore! It’s just going to take more time for the chest hair to grow back and her underside. Everywhere else, she’s a hairy little monster . The vet said she’s looking great! We got her micro-chipped today and she’s cleared for adoption as long as the new owners understand she’s a special needs dog that will need medications. I’m really excited for her!

Update on Shirley, Aug. 10th: Shirley’s doing great! She had a check up this afternoon and she’s still on the up and up. She will still be taking her allergy pills everyday. She has improved so much these last few weeks we have been able to take off the ” cone of shame” and the baby clothes. She scratches less often and all her hair is growing back! She’s looking like a new dog!

Update on Shirley, July 28th: As you can see, here this is Shirley’s back side- she is growing fur! It will become lighter in color as it gets longer. A few months ago it was just rough black skin. She’s getting better every day!

From Shirley’s foster mom, June 25th: Shirley had a check up yesterday and the vet said she is on the right track to recovery; she’s doing well. Still itches a lot but she got a steroid shot so hopefully that will help. Shirley sleeps a lot due to the Benadryl she gets every eight hours for the itching.

_MG_7435Medical update on Shirley, June 13th: Shirley’s blood work is fairly unremarkable so far. She is negative for tick fever and heartworm. The blood work really just reflects inflammation, no underlying cause of her skin problems seen. We’ll treat her as an allergy dog – she may need steroid injections if her itching is too bad.

From Shirley’s foster mom, June 13th: Shirley is currently on benadryl fish oil supplement and eye drops for her infection. I have to bath her thee times a week and use a medication cream after. She’s doing very well loves laying on the edge of the couch when I watch TV and sleeping in the bed at night with me. She is a wonderful dog! I love her very much already and she will be a great addition to anyone’s home. I hope she will start feeling better soon, as¬† she still itches quite a bit.

Shirley had a great time at our holiday photo shoot- this girl is SO photogenic and took some of the cutest pictures!

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