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Join our growing family of fosters! For more information about how YOU can become a foster for one of our wonderful M.A.I.N. dogs, continue reading or watch the video – and remember, Fostering saves lives!

A lot of people ask about becoming fosters, and what being a foster is all about. I met a wonderful young man named Patrick last week through a mutual friend of ours, and he agreed to foster a death row dog.

This afternoon, Patrick saved that dog’s life.

Thank you, Patrick – and for all the others out there that have thought about lending a death row dog a little room in your home and in your heart, this video will hopefully express what that can mean to one of the thousands of homeless dogs that are waiting on death row.  If you are ready to begin fostering for M.A.I.N., please fill out or foster care application.

And if you haven’t seen Jessie’s Story yet, click here to watch it!

For every question this video may not answer, just ask us and we’ll help you as best we can.  Here are a few that we’ve already been asked and answered:

Q: You must get asked this all the time, but what if I decide to make this permanent?

A: Yep, all the time… And rest assured, should you decide to adopt any of the dogs you initially agree to foster, you have our blessing!

Q: Am I responsible for taking the dog to and from vet visits?

A:  Many of the dogs that we save need medical attention, however – most of these dogs stay at the hospital until they’re well enough to go into foster care – so, we rely on our fosters to take them to an occasional checkup.  If scheduling gets in the way, you can always let us know.  We may be able to arrange pick up and drop off with one of our transporters!

Q: What am I financially responsible for when I foster?

A: We cover all vet expenses, but ask that you provide food, a warm bed and toys.  On occasion, we receive food for the dogs, and this is typically shared between our foster families – although, it’s usually best to plan on purchasing food yourselves.

Q: What if something goes wrong?

A: When you accept one of our dogs in to foster care, you aren’t just left “holding the bag.”  You’ll have a list of emergency phone numbers including several team members and our vet, so should anything happen – we’re just a phone call, text, FB message or email away.

Q: What do I need to provide these dogs?

A: We strive – through our fosters – to allow these dogs what we consider to be a “normal dog’s life.”  They need a fluffy bed to sleep in, nutrition and clean water at all times, but most of all, they need your love and care.  Many feel abandoned and all have been neglected at some point in their lives.  They have spent time in our shelter system, which is never good for any dog’s mental health – and most just want to feel like they matter to someone.

Q:  Do you do home visits?

A:  Of course.  We always want to make sure that their foster home is a safe place for these dogs to recuperate.  We’re not concerned with your area of town, the size of your home, or how old your sofa is.  We ARE concerned that our dogs live in a safe and loving home until they meet their forever families.

Fosters are crucial to the success of any rescue organization, ours included. We have many dogs looking for foster homes. Maybe you can open your heart and your home to one of them? If you are ready to begin fostering for M.A.I.N., please fill out or foster care application.

For any other questions you may have, please feel free to contact us at medicalanimalsinneed@gmail.com for more information.

…and thank you so much.

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