Archer, French Bulldog Mix

Archer at county4Meet Archer.

Archer is a young French Bulldog mix in pretty rough shape. Archer was rescued from the county pound euthanasia list with suspected Mange. After a full exam at our vet, it was discovered this pup has quite a lot going on!

Archer not only scraped positive for Demodex Mange but also has a secondary bacterial infection and issues with his eyes. He has “congenital cataracts” in both eyes as well as an unknown condition with his corneas that our vets will be investigating further.

Despite all of this, Archer’s rescuers say he is a happy and energetic young dog! Believe it or not, Archer is one of the lucky ones; he is now safe with M.A.I.N. and will be provided the vet care and love he so needs.

We can’t help dogs like Archer without your continued support. Please, if you are able, donate to Archer’s medical fund via PayPal by clicking the link below. Thank You!

A special thank you to Hendrick Board’s campaign for Archer! Each purchase of a Hendrick Board’s item sparks a $10 donation towards Archer’s medical care when bought through this link. Check it out here!

Archer’s Updates:

Archer has been adopted! Congrats to Archer and his new fur-ever family!

archer, June 30thFrom Archer’s foster mom: Archer is very playful and energetic. He knows basic commands, walks well on a leash and enjoys his daily walks, but needs to do them early or late at night due to the heat and his short muzzle. Archer enjoys his belly rubs. He is kennel trained, enjoys his food and treats, which if given the chance, he would eat non-stop. He has cataracts and will need long-term eye drops. His teeth are very clean, so the vet does think he is young and she is not sure why he has cataracts at such a young age. I have a prescription for the eye drops which I will start him on and which should help for now. He may need surgery in the future or his vision may decline as he ages. The cataracts do not seen to bother him much- he is good at playing fetch! Archer is potty trained.

Update, May 30th: Archer had his first negative mange scrape and should be medically cleared after one more negative scrape.

Update from Archer’s foster mom, April 7th: Archer wanted to report that the vet only found three live mites on his scrape last week, so he is confident the next one will be negative. I think he’s a combo of Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. He is such a goof ball, full of energy and it lasts most of the day. Thank goodness he naps off and on, but not for long because he doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

archer, may 20thUpdate March 9th: Archer still has a few small areas that are red but it shouldn’t be long before he is officially adoptable!

Update on Archer, Feb. 21st: Archer is doing great! His eyes are clear and his skin is calming down. He is such an energetic little guy, most of the pictures are a blur.

From Archer’s foster mom, Jan. 26th: Archer is one active and happy little guy despite his raw skin which does not seem to slow him down. He is currently on Ivermectin for the mange, antibiotics, cough medicine and eye ointment.

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