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“Can MAIN Help This Dog?”

Can you help this dog?It’s a question we get asked through emails, phone calls and tags on Facebook multiple times every day.

“Can M.A.I.N. please help this dog?”

And while we would love nothing more than to help every Arizona dog that is sick or injured, the truth of the matter is that it’s extremely expensive and there simply aren’t enough great fosters families to help all of them.

If you’ve been sent a heart wrenching photo of an AZ dog in need, and if you’re trying (like so many others) to find him or her the necessary help, then welcome to our world.  This is what we do – every single day.

So, to make this decision easier for everyone, M.A.I.N. has 2 qualifications for every dog that we receive a request for.

  1. At minimum $500.00 in donations
  2. A committed long term foster.

Donations: These donations can come from a single source, or from a number of smaller donations that equal or exceed $500.00, but we MUST have the donations BEFORE the dog is taken in by M.A.I.N..  If you have identified a sick or injured dog, please follow these instructions EXACTLY:

  • Email us with a link to the dog’s post you’re referring to. If the dog isn’t on Facebook, please include photographs of the dog, his/her injuries and a short summary of the dog’s immediate situation.
  • Include your name, telephone number, email address and Facebook address.
  • If you are offering to foster the dog, please complete the foster application.
  • If you are making a lump sum donation of at least $500.00, we will bill you through PayPal immediately.
  • If your plan is to solicit friends for donations, let us know and we will build a donation page for the dog that you can share with your circle.
  • Once donations total at least $500.00, we will notify you and make arrangements to pull the dog.

If donations do not meet our $500.00 minimum, we will refund all donations.

Fosters: M.A.I.N. believes that the road to recovery begins at home. Soft beds, good foods and a lot of love.  Because of that, we do not accept dogs without fosters. If you are willing to foster, please complete the online foster application and if you know someone else that is, simply ask them to complete the application.  M.A.I.N. will not rescue a dog without a committed foster.  These fosters are responsible for the general care and well being of the dog, all food, toys, beds and transportation to and from our vet, Bethany Animal Hospital at the intersection of I-17 and Bethany Home Road.

Please email us with any further questions.

PLEASE NOTE: There are other qualifications that M.A.I.N. must also consider when making the decision whether or not to save a dog. Temperament, age and adoptability just to name a few.  All rescues are done solely at the discretion of M.A.I.N.



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Carmen Yanez Hammock March 19, 2013 - 5:56 pm

This puppy was dumped at our local humane society with a mangled leg & one of the employees rescued it & took it to the vet & due to the severity of his wounds his whole leg was amputated. Ppl (volunteers) have been doing everything possible to raise money to help with the medical bills but we’re not have much luck. We are at a loss as to what to do.

Here are the websites we created for him if anyone is interested.



Thanks for your time! :0)


Anonymous June 16, 2013 - 6:00 pm

I am needing to find forever homes for my dogs & love them… ASAP
I have to move in 2 days and I don't want to take them to a shelter…I want to know they will have good homes!

They can go to separate homes.

Jake is almost 2years old and I have had him since he was 4months old. He is a rott mix ( I think ) and he needs someone who will cuddle with him and understand he is afraid of the wind.

Dakota is 11years old and I have had him since he was 8weeks old. He looks like a extremely huge beagle with diamond blue eyes and he just wants to live out the rest of his life in a backyard with a patio and with a pillow.

This is breaking my heart but I have no other options!

Please pass along this message if you are not able to help….

my phone # is 480-352-3920.
Thank you Lee Anne Gerholt.


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