Ziva, Shepherd Mix

Ziva7Meet Ziva.

Ziva is not the first Mange dog we’ve seen this bad and she unfortunately won’t be the last.

But that doesn’t mean it ever gets easier seeing such a beautiful soul in such horrible condition.

Ziva is just a puppy and has already endured an unimaginable level of neglect and pain.

She is weak and full of scabs from where she has scratched herself raw trying to stop the itching of the mites burrowed under her skin.

Her hair has fallen out and her spirit has fallen down.

We know we can help Ziva become the dog she deserves to be with proper vet care and lots of TLC in a wonderful foster home!

Please help us help Ziva by contributing to her medical care chip-in fund at the bottom of the page and as always, sharing her pictures and story. Thank You!


Ziva’s Updates:

We are so heartbroken to report that Ziva passed away from Distemper. We are grateful that she knew the love she always deserved in the last month of her life with her foster family.

ZivvaA word on Ziva from her foster mom: I loved Ziva, my entire family did. Ziva loved us. Her passing was the result of human indifference and neglect – long before we came into her life. She paid the ultimate price for that, and that leaves us feeling enraged and helpless. How people cannot vaccinate puppies and kittens is beyond me. She deserved BETTER. She had a month – 4 weeks – living life as she SHOULD have lived for 15 years or more. But if I let the pain I feel over her passing drive me away from fostering again, then some other puppy dies – and I know that THAT should NOT be Ziva’s legacy! I/We will get there. I just miss her.

Medical Update, July 29th: Sad day today. We believe that sweet Ziva has Distemper. Our hearts go out to her foster family. We will fight this with all we’ve got, but there is no telling where this disease will go from here. Please keep Ziva and her foster parents in your thoughts and prayers. We’re pulling for you baby girl.

Update from Ziva’s foster mom, July 9th: Ziva is doing GREAT! No more scabs/bleeding. Eating EVERYTHING I give her, she has figured out what toys are for, she is completely housebroken, never barks (whines occasionally), and has started trying to “play” with the other dogs. She’s so cute! Her feet aren’t all swollen up anymore either. She used to walk like she had pins in them- now she trots. And when I pet her, she leans against my hand, closes her eyes, and sighs. It give me a huge lump in my throat when she does that. She adores my husband too…goes running to the door with her tail wagging when he comes home from work.

Update from Ziva’s foster mom, July 3rd: She’s gained over a pound, and is eating everything that’s not tacked down. She’s much more animated, trying to initiate “play” with the big dogs, but still a little overwhelmed by their size (15 pounds compared to 60 pounds…I can understand that!). But she smiles and wags her tail now. Her skin is healing up REALLY quickly! All the swelling is almost gone. She’s going to have very thick, soft white fur over much of her body. That stripe down her back is definitely brown, but most of the rest is white.

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