Xander, Chocolate Lab Mix

Xander's Photo at CountyMeet Xander. Dropped off at the shelter by a local police department, Xander had been hit by a car and badly injured…

The shelter staff immediately fell in love with this beautiful boy and reached out to M.A.I.N. for help.

Tonight he is safe at Bethany Animal Hospital thanks to his angel transporter, Heather C!

He has a shattered humerus and is scheduled to undergo an amputation next week. Please share his story and donate if you are able so that we can raise the funds to cover his surgery.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on Xander’s condition as we learn more…


Xander’s Updates:

Xander has been adopted and we couldn’t be happier for this sweet, gentle triPAWd and his perfect, fur-ever family. Congrats to all!

xanderUpdate, Feb. 21st: Xander finally plays! After being ignored by the Cocker Spaniel, Toby took pity on Xander and gently started teaching him the art of having fun! Just this morning my grumpy female Tasha finally caved and joined the cause too!

Update on Xander, Feb. 6th from his foster mom: Xander’s stitches came out today. He received vaccines and will receive a few more in three weeks and should be adoptable at that time. We’ve tried a couple short stints on a leash in front of the house and he does just fine but tires out quickly. We’ll build up to longer walks. He’s not a fan of car rides- he is fine once he’s in, but he just doesn’t want to and I have to lift him in. He’s an absolute sweetheart and loves to lay in the sunshine. He and my dogs get along fine but haven’t built up to playing yet… I’m still hopeful he will. He is a very loveable and calm soul. Xander is also potty trained! He hasn’t chewed on anything inside the house. He shows interest in toys. He mostly hangs out on his dog bed at home but follows us if we’re hanging out in a particular room. He knows “go outside,” “hungry” and “sit”.

Xander, Feb. 25thUpdate from Xander’s foster mom, Jan. 27th: He’s still doing great, improving every day. Seems potty trained, hasn’t had an accident since the surgery. Good with cats. Good with my dogs but will tell them to back off if necessary. Hasn’t shown any interest in playing with them yet (but he’s still medicated and feeling crummy, so that’s understandable). We can excite him into playing with toys, but so far he is toy possessive of the other dogs. He follows my dogs’ lead… for example they’re not allowed behind the kitchen counter and somehow he’s caught onto that andwe’ve never even had to say anything. We make our dogs wait until they get the “okay” to go to their food bowls and he’s just about got that. And we’re working on common commands like “sit” & “down”

Update on Xander, Jan. 24th: Xander had his neuter and amputation surgery yesterrday and is doing wonderful so far. His incisions look great and he’s up moving around, eating and drinking (check out his video below from today)!

From Xander’s foster mom, Jan 20th: Xander is actually doing great so far! He wants to be a part of the action and uses his back legs to push his front half forward on his useless leg. The hard part will be keeping him contained for now so he doesn’t hurt himself.

Xander and friends stopped by for some photos, so we HAD to oblige! Ha! What a sweet and goofy kid…

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