Walter, Maltese Mix

Walter waiting for rescueMeet Walter.

We responded to a plea by the county shelter to help a sick, senior dog who needed an outlet. We’ve named him Walter; a new name for a new life. At 10 years old and with so much going on, we don’t know what Walter’s future holds but we do know he is safe with the MAIN family now.

Walter’s county vet notes read: “Nice dog, BCS 2/5 (thin – ideal is 3/5), mucous membranes pink and moist, grade 3/4 dental disease, cataracts [in both eyes], no menace response [in either eye]- dog is blind at this time, heart and lung sounds [normal], empty scrotum – suspect dog is neutered. Strongly suspect untreated diabetes based on cataracts and low BCS vs other endocrine vs other. Many cases of untreated diabetes lead to ketoacidosis which is a life-threatening medical emergency. MCACC is not equipped to diagnose or treat diabetes or ketoacidosis.”

In short, we don’t know what all is going on with poor Walter, but we knew he needed medical attention sooner rather than later. Walter is safe with MAIN and currently in a loving foster home. We will update everyone on Walter’s condition as we know more, but for now his foster mom says: “He really is cute. He has been a little restless, so we took a walk around the block. He walks like a dream. I just have to remember to guide him. Hopefully, the exercise was not too much for him but he seemed to be having the time of his life. With all his problems, I wanted him to experience some of the things all dogs love.”

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Walter’s Updates:

Once in a while, a little old man grabs at our hearts. This time it was Walter. It is with great sadness that we must tell you that our little old man went peacefully to The Bridge last week. After much discussion and soul searching, it became obvious that this was the kindest thing for him as his quality of life was becoming poor. He was no longer enjoying the little things; he was telling us. Thank you to his foster family who became Walter’s furever family and loved him to the end. Rest in Peace, sweet man…

WalterUpdate May 2015: Walter has healed from his major dental and is starting to eat better. Vienna sausages are his favorite! He never makes a sound and gets around just fine with his limited eyesight. He is definitely a senior citizen, but still loves a good walk. He does not like being crated, but would be great as an apartment dog. He does great with the other dogs in his foster home. He is officially cleared for adoption!

Update April 19th, 2015: Walter had his dental work done today. 17 teeth were removed! He is soon to feel (and smell) much better.

Update April 2015: Walter’s bloodwork came back normal, which means no diabetes! Tick Fever and Valley Fever tests were also negative. He’s been started on antibiotics for a dental infection and will have a dental soon. We also think he does have some limited vision (as opposed to being completely blind as we first thought).