Truman, Shih Tzu

Truman5Meet Truman.

Many rescues have a tradition of saving a special animal on Christmas Eve. They go down to the shelter and pick one that really needs out, one they normally wouldn’t take…

Meet Truman, OUR special Christmas doggie! Truman is a 12 year old Shih Tzu that came to us a day early as his deadline had already passed. He was out of time, and this little old man was breaking our hearts.

He’s got some typical senior issues, and some other medical stuff going on that we hope we can help with. Regardless, he deserves a home to live out his life. Welcome to MAIN, Truman! Your Christmas wish just came true.

You can help with Truman’s medical care by donating via PayPal below. Thank You!

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Truman’s Updates:

We are heartbroken to tell you that we lost our little Truman to kidney failure. You may recall that Truman was our special Christmas doggie, a raggedy little senior angel that we rescued from the Arizona Humane Society. Truman had some liver issues and bladder stones, in addition to some typical senior stuff like rotten teeth, etc. One of our amazing foster homes took him in, and so began his journey to healing. Our hearts go out to his foster family, who loved him and intended to keep him forever. Sadly, his forever was cut short. Run free at the Bridge, Truman. We will see you again.

From Truman, Dec. 2015: Hello everyone! Truman here, checking in. After a bit of a rough start because of a terrible tummy-ache (foster mom was perhaps overzealous in her feeding of me, or I was a wee bit stressed with all the recent activity in my life, or shhhhh, don’t tell, what it was REALLY about was that I figured out I could get my new servants to prepare me home-cooked meals of chicken and rice, yum!), I am feeling good, and ready to party with the rest of the crew! Except my foster parents won’t let me yet; they say they are afraid I will get runned-over until my new siblings get to know me better and realize they need to watch for me when they get excited and play. Not that that prevents me from trying to escape the fence and join them! We do all sniff each other very nicely, and I think we will get along. Dad says I am moving around better; could it be so?! Mom says I am sweet as pie and cuter than a bug’s ear. THAT I wholeheartedly agree with. More later! I am kind of a sleepy boy, and it’s past my bedtime. Love, Truman.