Shadow, Dachshund Mix

shadowMeet Shadow.

Shadow has a very sad story: She was witnessed being hit by a truck that then drove off.

The people that witnessed this horrible event tried to catch Shadow, but she was running scared, towards an apartment complex.

Animal control was called and tenants of the apartment complex said they recognized this dog- her name is Shadow and her owners had left her behind…

WOW! So much heartbreak for a little dog in so little time! 🙁

Shadow’s femoral head is fractured and she will need surgery to repair the break. In the meantime, she is safe in a wonderful foster home and has received pain injections to keep her comfortable.

We will be sure to update everyone on Shadow’s progress. If you are able to donate to her medical care, we would greatly appreciate it- every little bit counts! Thank You!

Shadow’s Updates:

Shadow is doing great in foster while she heals from her broken leg. We will be sure to keep everyone updated on her progress.

From Shadow’s foster mom, Sept. 2016: Shadow and Apple (my little girl) have a lot in common. They both love getting treats, snuggling late into the morning, and neither get annoyed by my voice when I talk to them like babies. Shadow is quite vocal now that she’s happy, just grunts and “talking”…barking not so much. Lots of tail wags from Shadow- so happy to see her coming out of her shell and show off the pup she really is!