Potsie, Chihuahua mix

PotsieMeet Potsie.

With a large tumor covering half his face, it goes without saying that Potsie needed help!

This little guy was unadoptable in his current condition and had no way of getting out of the county shelter alive without a rescue outlet…

Potsie was brought in as a stray, so his past is unknown. We can’t imagine how long he must have gone without medical treatment for this tumor to get so big. How could we say no to helping this adorable little guy get the second chance at life he so deserves?

Despite his medical condition, Potsie is every bit the lap dog- he loves meeting new people and hopping into their laps for pets and attention.

We will be getting Potsie to our partner vet for evaluation and surgery immediately; please, if you are able, donate to his medical care chip in fund below. As always, we appreciate your ongoing support and couldn’t do it without you- Thank You!

A special thank you to our friends at PACC911 who chose Potsie as a recipient of a LuLu’s Angel Fund donation. Read more about this amazing program by clicking here!

Potsie’s Updates:

We are so sorry to say that Potsie’s cancer returned and very aggressively. Potsie had begun to suffer and the decision was made by the MAIN team and his foster family to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge peacefully. Run free and cancer free, sweet Potsie. You will be missed!

potsiePotsie’s Bio: “Hi! I am Potsie and I am personality PLUS! Even though I was without a home of my own for a while, I’ve never let a bad situation get me down. No matter what, I’ll always be a happy camper. I’m big on affection, both getting it and giving it. I’m not very big, so laps are one of my very favorite places to cuddle up. After my big rescue by the folks at M.A.I.N., I don’t have a care in the world. I’m just a happy guy. Wow, let me tell you what I’ve been doing since I got here. I have a wonderful foster mama. She’s the bomb. She feeds me wonderful chow and I love it! (Maybe that’s why she calls me a chow hound???) Oh boy and I get to go out in the car so I can see all kinds of amazing stuff out the window. What a life! I’ve always been pretty content with my lot, but I guess I just didn’t know what I was missing – now I do. But hey, I’m not taking my wonderful new life for granted. I know how to give back. Just ask my foster mom. I reward her with tail wiggles at the door ‘cause she’s so wonderful. But I’m an equal opportunity dog. I would be happy to give you a welcome home wiggle when you get return from a hard day’s work – really.”

Potsie is a special needs dog. He really doesn’t require any additional care for now, but he has been diagnosed with melanoma. It may, or happily, may not, reoccur. In addition, he’s had all his teeth removed, but has no problem eating. Potsie doesn’t know all of this. He’s just a happy, well adjusted dog!

Update, Sept. 2014: The biopsy report on Potsie‘s tumor is not what we wanted to hear…it came back as a malignant melanoma. After talking with our vet about prognosis, etc, the plan is to wait and see, remove it if it comes back and go from there. Right now he’s a happy guy without a care in the world and we hope he has many more happy years left! If somebody is willing to adopt him knowing that he has a condition that may return, then that’s absolutely amazing. Regardless, he has a place with MAIN until he tells us he’s ready to go. We are so sorry this is not better news, but there’s a possibility the tumor may never come back.- we just don’t know. We will provide whatever treatment is necessary to keep him as comfortable and healthy as possible. He’s got a great foster mama and we are so thankful for her!

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