Pippin, Poodle Mix

Pippin after his groomingMeet Pippin.

First, we must warn you that the pictures on this page are graphic. We received a plea from the county shelter to help a dog in an emergent condition.

Pippin had come in to the shelter horribly matted, covered in ticks…and from what little we could see under the mats, part of his leg bone exposed. The shelter vets suspected his leg was broken and “open” at some point, exposing the bone.

This type of fracture puts the dog at risk for severe infection that could possibly lead to death. We rushed him to our partner vet who spent two and a half hours grooming and de-ticking poor Pippin. When we saw the actual state of his leg, we were shocked…

Pippin’s leg is actually partially severed with the bone completely exposed! We are sorry for the graphic nature of these photos, but there’s no other way to show you what horrible condition Pippin’s leg is in.

Pippin is being kept comfortable with pain medicine and has had some preliminary bloodwork drawn. We will schedule him for amputation of the remainder of his leg as soon as possible and have started him on antibiotics to prevent infection. Please, if you are able, help Pippin by donating to his medical care via PayPal below. Thank You!

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Pippin’s Updates:

Pippin has officially been adopted by his foster family! Congrats Pippin!

PippinFrom Pippin’s foster family, Sept. 2015: Just when we thought Pippin couldn’t be any more awesome, he continues to surprise us. After all the pain and suffering he has been through he has bounced back remarkably. He loves family life and fits right in with us and our routine, and I have no doubt that he belonged to a good home at one point.

He has had zero accidents in the house and his manners are impeccable- except maybe during breakfast and dinner (he gets a little excited!) He is a major snuggle bug and loves being carried around. A couple of weeks ago we took him out to run errands with us at Home Depot and Target and everything went off without a hitch. He was just happy to be with us and was completely mellow in the different environments. He gets along famously with our two dogs and is highly intelligent!

I do think he likes to stick to “his” people, though. He is definitely good around adults, unfortunately we haven’t had an opportunity to see him around children. Something tells me that he would do better with older kids, as I think he might lack the patience to handle younger ones that might not understand the importance of being gentle. I think his amputation is still healing and he can be a little sensitive about that.

Pippin loves being out in the yard and roaming around but he also loves being inside and sprawling out on the couch with the family. He is an excellent companion and tends to go where the family goes throughout the house. I feel like there simply aren’t enough good things to say about this guy- we adore him!

pippininfosterFrom Pippin’s foster family, July 2015: “Pippin is seriously awesome. We had a little bit of trying to mark around the house on day one but since then he’s been a complete joy. He is very much a velcro dog and tends to stick with me mostly, but friendly with all people. Our dogs are still adjusting to a new member of the pack. My one year old golden retriever has tried to play with him but Pippin seems to more enjoy keeping to himself and his human. I’ve noticed that he does better around my smaller miniature pinscher and might feel a bit threatened by larger dogs (he lets out a slight growl when my golden gets too close or tries to roughhouse, but maybe that will change with the amputation once he’s a little more mobile and feeling better.) No food or toy aggression that I’ve seen so far and he is awesome in the crate. Someone must have been very sad to lose him (at least I hope that’s the case!)”

From Pippin’s foster mom, July 2015: “OK – this guy is seriously awesome. He will fetch a ball all day as long as you throw it to him. The blur on his tail is is wagging non-stop. AND when you refuse to throw it any more because you think he might be tired and need a rest because he is not 100%, he runs with it to his kennel and lays there chewing it some more.”