Palmer, Dachshund/Toy Fox Terrier mix

Meet Palmer!!

palmerPalmer is a 4 year old Dachshund/Toy Fox Terrier mix who came to us from AHS with a severely fractured jaw. This poor little guy had to have been in such pain. 😢
He’s had xrays and is settled safely into a foster home while we formulate a treatment plan. The muzzle is to help stabilize the fracture. The breaks are very far back on the jaw and will likely require a specialist surgery to plate the jaw.
We have no idea how this happened to him, but he is safe now. He’s a tiny guy at 9 lbs and very skinny.
We are hopeful that the doctors will be able to repair the fractures so that Palmer can find his forever people. We of course will keep everyone updated on his progress.
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Update from Palmer’s Foster on Nov. 5th:  My boy [Palmer] is so damn cute. He kept rubbing/trying to scratch on the bathroom rug. So we went to wal-mart and got him one for his xpen and one for when he’s hanging in the hallway. He’s very grateful! He does frog legs and I just love it. I laugh at him all the time. What a great personality. He’s not happy that he can’t come out and play and he tries to let my big kids know he’s in charge and I’m certain that when he can come out and play…they’ll all let him think whatever he wants.

Update Oct 11th: Palmer is doing great. Well, he probably wouldn’t agree since he does have a muzzle on. He thinks he’s a Rottie but I’ll break the news to him at some point. Right now he chooses to growl at Ryder and Zoey (the Mastiff and the St Bernard). He enjoys peeing on things; he could be MUCH worse in that area. We are getting belly bands and Lavender so we’ll be set soon! He absolutely loves hanging outside with our two little kids both of which are M.A.I.N. kids so the three are like a gang lol! The best thing?Palmer gives hugs with his head. He wraps his head and neck on your neck and just rests. I love it! I’m thinking he could also be trying to strangle me but I’m going glass half full for now!