Millie, Poodle Puppy

Millie3 Meet Millie.

Millie’s condition is a mystery to us. How did a 10 week old puppy weighing just five pounds, end up injured on the side of the road? Was she hit by a car? Was she thrown from a moving vehicle? Did someone harm her and cruelly abandon her to a fate unknown?

What makes this story even more puzzling is the fact that another Poodle puppy was found just down the road with similar injuries!

Millie is in rough shape; she was found covered in fecal matter and urine and unable to walk. She also had the remnants of a large, red rope around her neck.

The Humane Society of Yuma sent out a rescue plea and M.A.I.N. stepped up for both these young pups. Millie and Lil’ Bear are SAFE with the M.A.I.N. family now! Most importantly, Millie and Lil’ Bear will learn to forget the pain and cruelty their short lives have held so far, while they heal in loving foster homes.

Millie4Medical Update, March 7th from our partner vet: “With Millie, we aren’t getting deep pain stimuli. I believe that the injured area is approximately at T9-10, but there’s really nothing on her radiographs. The fact that she doesn’t seem to have deep pain is a poor prognostic sign- aka- it’s bad. Her bladder was small when she first came in this morning, we had to express it later in the day, so I’m not sure yet what kind of control she’ll have. This makes a big difference in terms of urinary tract infections and how manageable dogs are when they are in a cart. There’s a lot I don’t know yet. I’ve started her on Prednisone to see if that helps (it did with Penelope).”

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Millie’s Updates:

We are so excited to report that Millie AND Lil’ Bear were adopted together! Live long and happy, sweet girls!

ADOPTED!Update July 24th: Millie AND Lil’ Bear were adopted together by a wonderful lady who flew all the way from out of state to take these two girls home. Truly, a happy ending!

Update from Millie’s foster mom, June 4th: Millie had her first PT therapy appointment with Dr. Jarvis on Thursday. Sadly, things aren’t looking great as far as Millie walking on her own in the future. Dr. J gave Millie a 20% chance (at most) of being able to walk again and suggested that Millie get both a cart and some drag bags for around the house. I have a list of exercises to work on with Millie and bought her a larger life jacket so that we can start swimming at my cousin’s house as well. She enjoyed some playtime at her grandparents house this weekend with her foster siblings. As you can see, they did lots of “running” around.

Update from Millie’s foster mom, May 12th: Millie went for another set of x-rays at the vet at beginning of this month before we plan her meeting with a specialist. In the meantime, Millie continues to make progress. Most of the time (meaning 99% of the time) she still scoots around on her bum, but I love it when I see her trying to push up to a standing position. Once we get that part tackled, we will work on her taking steps.

Millie, loving lifeUpdate on Millie, March 26th: Millie has some exciting news to share. She has been able to push herself up to a standing position twice in the past three days. Her legs give out almost immediately, but it at least shows that her strength is building. She can also stand (when placed in a standing position) for as much as nine seconds now. I still hold my hands at her side so that she does not lose her balance and fall to the side, but she is improving

From Millie’s foster mom, March 19th: Millie is enjoying a bit of play time outside of her kennel after doing a bit of physical therapy this morning. She’s improving the strength of that right leg more and more every day.

Millie, March 26thUpdate on Millie, March 16th from her foster mom: Millie has had quite the week- unfortunately, she had to go to the vet on Thursday and was diagnosed with a bladder infection. She was sent home with antibiotics and it appears to be helping already. Millie is maturing before my eyes! She lost three of her puppy teeth this morning while gnawing on one of her chew toys.
And now to the BIG news… because of Millie’s hard work and practice, she is now able to stand on her own for up to four seconds!!! At this time, she is only putting weight on her right hind leg, but it is a start. I hold my hands on the sides of Millie to keep her from toppling over but she can hold up her rear on her own for a few seconds before her leg gives out. I’m so proud of her progress this week! The steroids are helping!

Update on Millie, March 11th: Millie is having lots and lots of kennel rest for now. We still don’t quite know what her injuries are, but for now she is on Prednisone. Dr. Andre and M.A.I.N. will discuss what the next step should be for this angel and we will go from there. Millie did enjoy going to visit her foster grandma for lunch today and got a little one on one time with out her foster siblings.

Millie in fosterFrom Millie’s foster mom, March 7th: Millie made it home last night. She is already objecting to her kennel rest, as she wants to explore her new home (and her foster siblings). I think that Millie and her foster brother are already scheming and trying to plan a prison break for her.






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