Latte Has Been Adopted!

Meet Latte!


Latte, was rescued at just six weeks old with Hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus occurs when too much cerebrospinal (CSF) fluid collects in and around the brain causing the tell tale “domed skull” which, in Latte’s case is congenital.

The goal of Latte’s treatment is to re-establish the balance of the CSF fluid in the brain. Corticosteroids will be used with a tapering dose to reduce the production of CSF, and the surgical placement of a shunt will divert the excess CSF to a different place in Latte’s body to be reabsorbed.

Hydrocephalus is primarily seen in toy breeds, like Latte. In severe cases, puppies often die early – but in less severe cases, many often stabilize with treatment.

Latte’s Updates: Latte has made a full recovery and runs, plays and enjoys life like any other dog! She has officially been adopted by her foster mom!

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  1. moortje1991 says:

    Great job.

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  2. Arizona LabLady says:

    shared on my fb wall.. thanks guys for saving this precious pup! Lore

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  3. saobiskit2002 says:

    I am crying my heart out. With my dogs sitting with me and thinking of the Chihuahua Mum n Dad had – Latte is such a gorgeous little, precious puppy. I pray with all my prayers she can be made healthy again with a wonderful family xxxxxxxx

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  4. KittyCatNetwork says:

    Prayers for sweet little Latte – so precious! ♥

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  5. moortje1991 says:

    Very cute dog.

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  6. 213suzie says:

    What a beautiful little girl!! Hopefully, everything will turn out wonderful for her. So that she can live a *normal* life. My Chihuahuas & I send her our pest

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  7. 213suzie says:

    Helmet? SURE, why not!! Too cute and precious <3 you Latte

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  8. deemua says:


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  9. terri4371 says:

    Wow!! she looks so great now (although she was ALWAYS cute). Great job guys!!!Thankyou 🙂

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  10. moortje1991 says:

    Cute .

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  11. kltkray says:

    I’m so so glad that Latte’s foster mom became her forever mom!!! Yay!!

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  12. MrAndrewUK says:

    Great work 🙂

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  13. moortje1991 says:

    Great job.

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  14. Yersylein says:

    Such a cute little puppy 🙂

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  15. Cheyenne Buck says:

    This made me cry 🙁

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  16. xXxJJBxXx5089 says:

    I had to stop watching for a bit so i wouldnt cry…i hope everything goes well for her, shes a gorgeous puppy 🙂

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  17. xXxJJBxXx5089 says:

    Such an angel….:’)

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  18. Don Mertes says:

    Latte is doing FANTASTIC and has been adopted by her foster mom, Paulette!

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  19. pengoonman16 says:

    awww sobs

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  20. TheMysticFaerie says:

    What a beautiful puppy! I have tears all over my face – I didn’t know if she was going to be ok… I am so happy to hear that she is – and that she’s found a home. Thank you for updating.

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  21. jaxorbetter says:

    Dead yet?

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  22. Alex Chapman says:

    that doesnt look like hydrocephalus to me, it looks like a fontanel injury, i have a 5 yo dog with congenital hydro, and have seen my fair share of breeched molera, just curious if they did the shunt or if they just let it go down on its own.

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