Gemma, Terrier Mix

Gemma's tumor2Meet Gemma.

WOW, is pretty much all we can say. This poor girl came into the shelter as a stray with a huge tumor on her leg. We can’t imagine how long this must have been growing or how much this dog has suffered.

We rushed Gemma from the shelter to the vet for an eval and to get her started on pain medication.

Our partner vet has aspirated the tumor and sent off a cytology; depending on the results, we will determine the next course of action.

We don’t know what Gemma’s future holds, but we do know she is very fearful and does not yet trust her new human friends. We will continue to show her love and patience and of course, work with our partner vet on her medical care.

Please, if you are able, donate to Gemma’s medical fund via PayPal below. We will keep everyone up to date on her diagnosis and progress. Thank You!

You Can Be Gemma's Hero!

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Gemma’s Updates:

Gemma has healed physically and is making great strides behaviorally. She is now adoptable! If you’re interested in meeting Gemma, please fill out our Adoption Application Adoption Application. Two year old Gemma’s adoption fee is $150, which includes spay, dental, prior vet care, shots up to date and County license.

Gemma4Gemma Update, April 2016: Gemma has come SO far from when we first rescued her and we are so proud of her. Gemma has had a hard time learning to be a part of a family, but thanks to our awesome trainer and Gemma’s wonderful foster mom, she has made such huge strides! Gemma was a bit of a “cujo” when we first rescued her, but check her out today, interacting positively with people and other dogs. We love it! 🙂

Gemma is available for adoption at this time as a special needs case. Although she is all healed medically, Gemma does still need a patient family willing to continue her training and socialization. Once Gemma knows and trusts you, she loves cuddles and lap time. Does Gemma sound like the kind of dog you like to help and ultimately fall in love with? If so, we would love for you to meet Gemma!

Gemma Update, Feb. 2016: Gemma has been one of our more “difficult” dogs behaviorally, but thanks to the love, patience and experience of her foster mom, she has made such amazing strides! Gemma is learning to be a part of a pack and get along with people and other animals. She now enjoys lap time and cuddles (once she knows and trusts you) and likes to play wrestle with her foster siblings. We don’t know what this girl’s life must have been like before coming to MAIN, but she is working hard to put that all behind her and become the sweet, loving dog she was meant to be!