Fiona, Chihuahua Mix

Meet Fiona.

Fiona's injured leg2At just nine months of age, Fiona is an adorable puppy that should have been adopted right away.

Except, she should have never found herself in this position to begin with.

Fiona HAD a family…she HAD a home- and then a tragic accident occurred. Fiona was ran over by a bicycle, severely mangling her hind leg.

The family she loved and trusted turned her into the pound with this injury, not knowing or not caring that her only hope to get out of there alive was with a rescue.

M.A.I.N. has stepped up for this sweet young pup and we’re asking all of you to help us with her medical bills. As you know, vet care is costly and we have many medical dogs in our care.

Please contribute to Fiona’s medical fund by clicking the PayPal link at the bottom of the page; 100% of your donations will go towards Fiona and the dogs of M.A.I.N.

Thank You!

Medical Update, Oct. 1st: The vet was able to realign and splint Fiona’s injured leg and we are hoping she will heal well, especially since she’s so young. For now, she is on strict activity restrictions. We will recheck the splint in two weeks and re-xray in four weeks.

Fiona’s Updates:

Fiona has been adopted! Congrats to Fiona and her new fur-ever family!

Fiona and her foster familyA note on Fiona from her foster family: Miss Fiona is a doll! From the moment I picked her up at the shelter her tail wouldn’t stop wagging. She was shy with our other dogs (2 boxers and a chi) at first but after a few days they have all become the best of friends! So she is good with both big and small dogs. She has been around kids ranging in age from 5 on up and does wonderful. She is the perfect mixture of playful puppy and snuggle bug and loves to sleep laying on my lap. Watching her transform from the shy, scared girl I first met to the sweet, outgoing girl she is now has been an absolute pleasure! She loves walks and playing in the grass. She is doggy door trained and fully housebroke. She would be great in a family with kids to grow up with as she is just a kid herself (11 mos). A fur brother or sister would be optimal. Not sure about cats.

Update on Fiona, Oct. 30th: Fiona had to go back to the vet today (she was there yesterday!). She took her splint right off this morning…all in one piece, so we had to get it wrapped back on. Headed back in 1-2 weeks. Her foot looks a lot better!

Update on Fiona, Oct. 15th: Fiona had her check up today. All looks really good! They gave her a nice new pretty pink wrap for her splint. Hopefully in two weeks she will get it removed. She was super shaky at the vet but loved the car ride with the window rolled down!

Fiona!From Fiona’s foster family, Oct. 1st: Miss Fi went to the vet today. She has a broken foot. They sedated her and straightened it out and put a splint on it. Strict exercise restrictions and only accessibility to a small space (which she does not like!). Check splint in two weeks and xray in four weeks. The doc is confident that it will heal well, especially since she is so young! Even with a broken foot, this little girl moves around so much that I couldn’t get a good picture!






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