Arabella, Italian Greyhound Mix

Arabella at rescueMeet Arabella.

Yet another poor dog afflicted with a terrible mange infection…

Arabella is just 10 months old at time of rescue, and already has had such a pain-filled life. Arabella’s skin is scabbed and bleeding, caused by scratching at the incessant itching from the mange mites. Her fur was covered in ticks and she is skin and bones.

Obviously, Arabella needed vet attention and a rescue ASAP! Arabella will get started on the road to healing at our partner vet and will recover in a loving foster home.

Arabella’s first 10 months were anything but good, however, we are confident that from here on out, she will know nothing but love and happiness. <3

We will keep everyone updated on Arabella’s progress.

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Arabella’s Updates:

Arabella has been adopted! Congrats to Arabella and her furever family!

Arabella6From an Arabella fan: Physically, she is all healed up. Emotionally, she is happy and silly, but still a little timid and fearful, especially of new people – but she does warm up. She adores her foster mama and stays close and keeps an eye on her foster mama at all times. She is smart, she listens well and pays attention – and even does a perfect “sit” for a treat like a good girl (she might know “sit” a little too well, and she will sit randomly and look to her foster mama like “well, I’m sitting, where’s my treat?”). She is learning to walk on a leash. She is kennel trained and potty trained.

She is skeptical of new people at first, and will bark, run away and hide, but she will warm up with treats and will allow petting from new people after a short time (she allowed me to pet her after about 30 minutes with treats). We can assume that she was probably a street dog, and had to fend for her little self with no help from humans, which would explain her timidity and skepticism of humans. Overall, Arabella is a very loving girl. She loves attention and to be held by her foster mama, and so she would do really well in a home with someone who can give her affection and attention. She is energetic, so she would probably make a good hiking or running buddy. Her favorite place is to be in the yard, lying in the sun – and she loves squeaky toys and bones. She is a petite girl, maybe 20 pounds. She is ok with cats and seems to be fine with dogs. She does have a mouthy play style, so she is maybe not best with really small children.

Arabella14Arabella’s Adoptapet Bio: Hello folks, I’m Arabella and I’m just a teenager, but boy what a life I’ve had so far. The first part wasn’t so good. I didn’t have a home and I itched all over. All the time! Well, somebody up there must like me because just as I thought my life could never get any better, the angels (not real ones, thank goodness) from M.A.I.N. swooped in to make me safe. It’s taken a while, but I’ve been livin’ large with my foster family. I was soooo scrawny when I got here, but with a lotta love (and food and medicine), I’m back to fighting weight. Boy are things great here. I have my own cat and a big dog buddy who I pal around with all day. I even have my own crate, where I hang out when the fosters are away – and yep, no accidents in the house or my crate. I am kinda shy though, but that’s because my life has been so topsy turvy up till now. It’s taking some time, but I am coming out of my shell and every day I get a little bit braver. When I first got here I never, ever barked (probably because I was so afraid), but as time goes on, I’m becoming more confident – and yes, I even bark every once in a while. Time has even made me warm up to my foster. I love to cuddle with her and I love it most when I’m outdoors and can run around the yard and feel the grass under my little paws. I’m all heeled from my boo-boo’s and I’m well on my way to healing my soul. It’s just gonna take a little time, but I know that it will be a snap with my wonderful forever family. Hoping that’s you!