Annie, Miniature Schnauzer

Annie, Miniature SchnauzerMeet Annie.

Shelter life is hard for even the youngest pups, but for the older dogs like Annie, this life quickly becomes intolerable.

Her cage was shared with three other small dogs, and Annie seemed alright with that.  What bothered her the most was that she came in wearing a sweater, which hid a severe skin allergy – and the sweater (coupled with a small pink cone on her head) stopped any attempts by her to stop the agonizing itch. This continued for two weeks, until she was placed on the euthanasia list and M.A.I.N. was contacted.

When Kelly B. (pictured with Annie) saw her, she immediately moved the poor pup to an empty kennel and removed her sweater and cone. “All she could do was rub her face on the soft bed I laid on the floor.  She looked so relieved to be able to do that, so I just waited and watched her for awhile.”

With severe skin infections, multiple tumors in her ears, Mammary tumors on her belly and eyes that weren’t focusing quite right anymore, Annie’s chances for a family of her own seemed slim. So, we brought her in to our family.  M.A.I.N. will get Annie the care that she needs to continue enjoying her golden years.  Her tumors will be removed and her skin condition treated.  We’ll keep you updated on her progress as always – and if you are able, please donate to Annie’s Medical Fund.

Annie’s Updates:

Annie is recovering in a wonderful foster home, after surgery to remove her ovarian cysts and ear polyps. Her foster mom says she is a “ray of sunshine!”

Annie! July 27thUpdate on Annie, August 1st: We had a successful outing to the vet today. Annie has gained a pound since last month, probably thanks to the steroid, but doc agrees she’s still in healthy weight. She’s going to start her on the same therapy (cyclosporine) as Laverne and Shirley, in hopes we might see some additional improvement with helping to boost the immune system. She had another steroid shot today and we are looking forward to seeing how Annie responds to the new med.

Update on Annie, July 3rd: Annie had a wellness/progress check at the vet. Overall a pretty good report card, but we are still dealing with chronic allergies and ear gook. We discussed the pros and cons of allergy testing, but the Doc still feels more confident that it’s environment over food causing the skin problems. We got a steroid injection today to help alleviate some of the itchiness, and I need to up the Benadryl on days she’s really itchy.

From Annie’s foster mom, April 23rd: Annie had her final surgery today and is home resting in her pile of pillows! Dental and ears (looks like they took more from the first ear). I suspect they will take awhile to heal, just as the first round did. Recheck in 10-14 days. I’m so proud of this little girl. Her transformation is nothing short of wonderful. I feel blessed to be part of this group and especially of Annie’s second chance. She truly makes my heart smile!

AnnieUpdate on Annie, March 18th: After her surgery, the doc said she had lots if cysts on her ovaries. By removing them and her mammary tumors, it might give the endocrine system the boost it needed to regrow that hair. Never a guarantee, but looks like we’re moving in that direction! We are going to the vet this afternoon for a two week recheck. Her ear is still trying to heal from the polyp removal. When tissue is cauterized it can be longer to do its thing. Other than that, she is a ray of sunshine in my busy days!! She and my 11 year old terrier are best buddies and she’s constantly stealing the biggest dog bed in the place and telling everyone else that she’s not sharing! Love her sass!!

Annie, March 18thMedical update on Annie, March 12th: Annie’s tumors are fairly benign, but mammary tumors can progress to malignant cancers. If other mammary masses on Annie arise, they need to seen by a vet ASAP.

From Annie’s foster, March 7th: Annie is home (as of last evening) and doing pretty well. Spay and mammary tumor removal seem to not bother her, but the ear is really a bit painful, I think. After removal they cauterized the tumor/polyp sites to avoid sutures. I think its a constant irritation for her. Doc said the ovaries were full of cysts and hopefully getting them out will help get her endocrine system back on track and perhaps even cause her to regrow some of that missing hair. She’s more than love-able either way, but that would be a big bonus. She is far more subdued than usual, but she is doing fine otherwise. We go back in two weeks for follow up and to schedule the second ear. I also opted to have her heartworm tested and that was negative, yay! We’re moving in a good direction.

From Annie’s foster mom, Feb. 22nd: The more I watch her, the more I wonder if she wasn’t a puppy mill producer. She is getting more coordinated daily, but she is really interesting to watch when she walks. Particularly her hind end, it’s as though she isn’t sure how to use her full range of motion. Again, today was better, like her muscles are starting to work with her a little better. She’s great in the car and just gets along with everyone. Baby gates don’t contain this girl, though….right over the top if she thinks she’s being left behind, lol!

From Annie’s foster mom, Feb. 19th: I picked Annie up from the vet today and brought her to work with me. I have a grooming shop in Central Phoenix, so I have the space and opportunity for the dogs to be loose with me in a sort of daycare environment throughout the day. Annie trucked in like she owned the place, introduced herself to my 11 year old terrier girl and started checking things out. We just finished up a soothing oatmeal bath to help relieve her skin a little and when I put her down, she bounced over and jumped up on my knee and gave me a kiss. She didn’t love the bath but I think she feels better. Home introductions went well with Annie and my dogs. Med time and a special ear massage for the sweet girl. She just melts with every touch!

Annie stopped by for our Summer-time Photo Shoot at Don’s House!

Annie is a DOLL and loved the camera…clearly, it loved her too! She looks amazing and has tons of fur growing in!

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