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Adoption Updates

Congratulations to our furry friends who have found their fur-ever homes!

Here are a few of the wonderful stories and pictures highlighting some M.A.I.N. alumni living the life every dog should- tasty treats, cozy beds and unlimited love! <3

Magoo is home

Meg's fur-ever homeMeg’s adopter, Julia writes: I thought you would be happy to hear this little story. It will be one year this month since I adopted Conrad. Wonderful as he is, there was one very disappointing thing about him. He is not a people dog. If I sit next to him on the couch, he will get up and go away. If I try to pet hm, he walks away and will leave the room. I didn’t feel like I had a dog. I never had a cat but from what I am told that is what cats are like. This was my biggest reason for wanting another dog. Since he likes dogs more than people, which isn’t saying much, I thought he’d be happier with a dog friend.

….Now Megan is a lover. She follows me wherever I go and cuddles up with me whenever I sit down. Conrad has been watching this now for the 2 weeks I’ve had her. The other day I was sitting on the wall in the yard. Megan came up, sat down next to me and put her head on my chest. After a few minutes, Conrad came over, put his front paws on the wall, leaned over and kissed me and then rested his head on my chest. She’s teaching him that it is OK to like people.This was a big first for him. Needless to say, I started to cry. Thank you both for saving these wonderful dogs.

Rosie's furever!Rosie’s adopter, Cari writes: I just wanted to tell you how much we already love Rosie. She is great with our son and our Basset Hound has found true love. We keep Floyd in the kitchen at night because he is still young and has night accidents otherwise. Rosie was in the kitchen with him until she pushed open the gate and crawled into bed with us at 4am. I think she feels right at home. Rosie is doing so great! We got irrigation yesterday and it was her favorite day ever! (followed by a nice bath) She is so attached to our Basset Hound, and has realized how much fun it is to chase the cats that walk the alley. We spend the summer in Tucson, and we are excited to take her out on the golf course to run and to swim in the pool. Thanks for saving such an amazing dog!

Mack's furever family!A note from Mike – 5-19-2012: Mac got to see his foster Angel Nancy and her loving BOGO at the dogpark last night.  The moment he saw them he took off in a full run and planted himself into her loving caring arms as the 3 of them had the most touching moment i have ever seen in my life.  It took all i had not to cry pure tears of joy.  As they left, Mac sat at the gate and just watched them drive away which again left huge tears in my eyes.  It shows how much love the fosters of all your dogs have for them in their effort to find them new parents in life …. Nancy and her beautiful dog will forever own a huge spot in Mac’s heart (that by the way makes Texas seem small)…Was one of the best days in my life so far. You have given Mac such a wonderful life and changed mine and Buster’s forever and for this I can never say thank you enough…Mac’s dad, Mike.

Java's furever!Java’s new dad: I just want to thank your rescue for everything you guys do for these beautiful pups. I’ve only had a couple hours with Java so far and I’m absolutely crazy about him. Amanda and myself both want to get more active with volunteering and even perhaps fostering in the future. Again, thanks a million for all you do and I’m sure you’ll be getting plenty of updates via Facebook!

Java’s mom, Amanda: We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit for our family! Java fit in from the minute he walked through the door.  He & his brother, Brody, already have a routine down!  Wake up, go outside, eat breakfast, play for a couple hours, nap all day, eat dinner, play some more, bedtime!  It is so perfect.  Brody is a daddy’s boy & Java is definitely a momma’s boy, so I am absolutely thrilled!  He has claimed his favorite spots on the couch & in the bed.  You would never know he is part of the triPAWd club, he runs around like a wild man and actually uses his one front leg as a weapon against Brody! They love to play as much as possible & Brody even lets him ride around in circles on his back like he’s a horse, it’s hillarious!  Needless to say, we are IN LOVE & cannot thank everyone involved enough.  THANK YOU!!!

Gunther's fur-ever!Gunther’s new family- Chris, Jana, Luke & Madison: We knew from the moment we saw Gunther (Gunny) on Petfinder that he was meant to be a part of our family. At the meet & greet he went straight into our hearts and has stayed there ever since! He’s so loving and playful and listens so well…he really is the paw-fect companion! We can’t imagine life without him. We are so grateful to M.A.I.N. for rescuing him from the e-list and giving him a fresh start at a long, happy life. We are proud to be affiliated with such an amazing group of people. Thank you, M.A.I.N!!!


Khloe!Khloe’s (now Amber) new family: Amber is fitting in so well with our family, she truly is a wonderful soul. So friendly and loving, we need to really thank everyone who was involved with her rescue for doing such an extraordinary job!




Bridget's fur-ever home!Bridget’s (now Ginger) new family: Ginger is doing wonderful! She’s playing, eating, cuddling, & just watching the cats, not going after them. She’ll only eat under the kitchen table & won’t take treats from our hands. We’re working on it though. We’ve gone for walks & her & Dixie love them!



Bunny's fur-ever homeFrom Bunny’s mom, Shelby: When I first met Bunny I fell in love! I took her out to the park a few more times and decided I wanted to foster her! Well…that foster turned into a failure foster because she was the sweetest and best dog ever! I fell in love more and more each day and I still do! She has SO much character (I think all rescue dogs do compared to breeder’s dogs!!) She’s so much fun and a blessing to have around! She brightens my day everyday! She has so much to offer that the thought of her being in a kennel all day makes me cringe! She is just the most wonderful dog to have and I’m in love with her!


Mikey is home!Mikey’s dad, Vince: It has been a few weeks since having Mikey introduced to the family. The first day Mikey came into the house, it was apparent that exploration was the main focus of the day. Brewtus, our existing dog and now Mikey’s P.I.C. (Partner in Crime), wasn’t sure what to think of Mikey. Brewtus is an elderly gentleman, going on 11, so having a younger pup was a new experience for him. Mikey is one of the most agile, flexible, and goofy dogs the family has ever seen. When playing outside, he has no problem jumping from the patio, over the rocks, and into the grass. He loves to have everyone outside with him, playing under the misters, than later on, we find he’s dead asleep on the patio table. His energy and enthusiasm is what keeps the entire family entertained and well balanced with his sincere heart and caring attitude. Within the short time of having Mikey, he has developed several nicknames. Due to his unique style of playing, involving rolling on the ground and kicking, he has acquired the MMA fighter nickname. When he is up to no good with Brewtus, which is most of the time, his full name of Michael Scott Zomok is widely used. Mikey is truly a blessing upon myself, as well as to our family. His love for car rides and exercise keeps us active, and ready for trips. His first trip to the ocean will be planned very soon. Despite any hardships that Mikey has gone through, it is apparent that he’s loving life and already forgotten his horrible past! We look forward to more comedic events for Mikey to entertain the family with. I thank God that Mikey made his way into my life- my angel, my life, my best friend.

Violet!Violet’s fur-ever family: We adopted Violet about three months ago. She has gotten so big! She’s a whole 28 pounds now! She is our little baby. We love her so much. Her favorite thing to do is going to the dog park and play in all the puddles. She has definitely been a blessing to us and I’m so happy that we found her.



Petunia's furever momPetunia’s fur-ever mom, Kelly: We just LOVE Petunia! She is such a happy pup. She gets along great with our other dog, Birdie, and they are always together. Petunia loves playing on the steps in the pool and going for walks. We can’t thank M.A.I.N. enough for saving her and bringing her into our lives!



Mia's furever momMia’s fur-ever mom, Kassy: When I first met Mia, I knew there was something special about her. Her face was partly bald and she had a lot of scabs on her head, but she didn’t seem to care at all! She is the happiest and most playful puppy I know! I managed to convinced my husband to let me take her on a little week-end vacation and when the next Monday came and went, we knew we would never be able to take her back! She instantly meshed with the rest of our pack! Pierre, who we rescued from Pinal County, was very anti-social and nervous. Mia somehow managed to bring him out his shell! I never thought I would see Pierre play and run around and now they play constantly! Roxy, who is about 10 years old, was the laziest dog ever and slept all day long! Somehow Mia even manages to get her to play! Although I am a little sad that I became a “failed foster”, I just could never imagine my life without Mia in it! She makes us smile and laugh everyday! I am so thankful for MAIN who refused to overlook my baby and saved her!

Beethoven's new familyBeethoven’s fur-ever family: Beethoven had a great first week with us! He loves sleeping in our room, on the floor right next to Greg and we figure that’s where he’ll stay. He’s just so sweet and we can’t imagine him sleeping anywhere else. We have left him alone and he does great- no accidents or random chewing issues, just listens to the music we leave playing, looks out the window and naps. By the time we get home, there are lots of tail wags and he’s excited to go out for a walk. He’s averaging four walks per day because our son and Greg love taking him out. He’s so adventurous- instead of us leading him around which was the deal for the first few days, he is now pulling at the leash and trying to go further and further every time we take him out. He is great with the kids and they love him. Lots of hugs, brushing and walks from them. We love him so- just last night I said to Greg, “I don’t think we could have built a dog better for our family than Beethoven” and he agreed. He is so perfect for us!

Mya!From Mya’s fur-ever family: Well Mayarella (our version of Cinderella) is doing great! She has now learned to sit on command and at every corner on the street and each door before we go out. I was attacked this morning with massive licks, kisses and tail-wagging. I now get kisses almost on request. Its been two weeks today that we have had her and it is hard to recall what life was like before her; all we know is, it wasn’t as good or as much fun. Recently, Mya passed her last test so now she has officially graduated from Doggie Obedience School.  She was at the top of her class and really liked the hat. She was the only one who wore it peacefully for the full 15 minutes of trying to get pictures. She wasn’t the Valedictorian but did get Miss Cogeniality as the one most likely to lick your face and hand- we are so proud!

Emma and her fur-ever sister!Emma’s mom, Jodi: Emma settled in well last night. She truly is a perfect fit for us. We went for a walk last night and my other dog helped her along the way. It was very cute. I noticed she walks around the house wagging her tail and when I see that, it puts a smile on my face. Thank you for allowing me to adopt her!



Ginger!Ginger’s mom, Jennifer: I owe Ginger a Thank You for charming me with that face and making me send the email to adopt her. Through her I have met great people and in this day and age it is hard to find such genuine people with good hearts. I have always been a workaholic and never slow down. She has taught me to stop and smell the roses and take time out for more of who and what I love. M.A.I.N saved her life and she is reminding me to enjoy mine.



Frankie's fur-ever familyFrankie’s  Fur-ever Family: Well last Friday marked our “One Month” with Frankie, and there are no words to describe how happy and blessed we are to have him in our lives. We are so grateful for the commitment and overwhelming love that M.A.I.N. does to prevent these precious pups lives being saved from tragedy. We have been so encouraged watching Frankie grow comfortably in to his skin and his new home every day. He seems so happy and is so willing to warm up to others lately. Yes, he’s still his skittish self jumping at loud sounds or meeting new people at first, but he seems to not do it as often as he used to. He is happy just to have someone close by, whether it is laying on my feet under my desk while I work, sitting by us on the couch or at our feet when we’re out and about, or walking happily in between Jordan and I, wagging his tail the entire time. It’s funny realizing that at first, Jordan and I thought we picked Frankie, but now we’re realizing that he was picked for us, and HE even chose us to love him and care for him. We are looking so forward to a future with this sweet boy, and we are so grateful for him every day!


OliveOlive’s (now Kona) Fur-ever Family: In a few days we will have had Kona (previously Olive) for one year. We wanted to let you know how she has influenced our lives in a mere 365 days. Kona has brought us joy, laugher, and taught us lessons such as how to preserver. Some of the oddball things that Kona does which make her unique include chewing up toys in record breaking time, wiggling her way under the bed, digging with only one front let, and curling her tail in front of her nose like a cat. We love Kona so much and are eternally grateful for your team who helped rescue and save her life, donations contributed by M.A.I.N. supporters, and to your awesome fosters (like Lisa, Kona’s foster) for nursing M.A.I.N. animals back to health. We cannot express how grateful we are for Kona and your team for putting her in our lives. THANK YOU!


more to come ………….

Mitzi’s Adoption Story:

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