Tipper, Doxie/Chi Puppy

Meet Tipper.

Tipper and mom GracieTipper was surrendered to the county pound along with his mom, Gracie who M.A.I.N. has also rescued.

Both have a terrible case of Mange that has caused non-stop itching and their fur to fall out.

These adorable dogs, who would have had no trouble finding homes, are now unadoptable and scheduled for euthanasia because of their medical condition.

If not for M.A.I.N. and a wonderful foster family who stepped up to help, this little family wouldn’t have seen another day…and the happy ending to their story.

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Tipper’s Updates:

TipperWe have some very sad news that breaks our hearts to have to post. Tipper spent Friday on supportive care at the hospital and it was discovered through X-rays that his heart was congenitally enlarged – about three times the normal size, in all chambers. The vets believe it was DCM (Dialated Cardiomyopathy). The prognosis for dogs diagnosed as adults is 6-24 months. It is always fatal either way but in puppies his age and size, there is a much much shorter life expectancy. His temp was 94• when he came in and after all day on oxygen and heat support, they were only able to get the temp up to 99•. He could not breathe without oxygen and he was suffering by evening. The very difficult decision was made to help him cross the Bridge in the loving arms of his doctors and M.A.I.N. family. We are heart broken for his foster mom and dad, Kim and her husband, as this has been particularly difficult for them. They spent four days showing Tipper more love than he’s ever known and we’re incredibly thankful for that. Kim reports that mom Gracie is doing well, despite Tipper being gone and we know that is somewhat comforting for them. Light a candle for the little guy tonight and help send him to the Bridge with your love.