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  • Sophia, Shar Pei Mix

    Sophia, Shar Pei Mix

    Meet MAIN’s newest rescue, sweet 2 year old Sophia. Sophia was found abandoned, staggering down a molten sidewalk in Phoenix’s infamous summer. Infested with more than 1,000 blood-sucking ticks, she has been denied (presumably since day one) any basic right to health or happiness – and as we gaze upon her emaciated and tick-ridden body, […]

  • Joey, Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

    Joey, Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

    Meet Joey. Joey was rushed to our partner vet’s office from the county shelter this past week, after a contact of ours saw him being turned into the shelter in this inconceivable condition… With his eye bulging out of the socket, Joey would have been euthanized for his injuries- at six weeks old, his short […]

  • Gage, Poodle Mix

    Gage, Poodle Mix

    Meet Gage. Gage was an emergency rescue from the county west shelter when we received a call that said he was in need of an immediate outlet. Gage had been witnessed being hit by a car and was brought into the shelter with obvious injuries. Xrays at the shelter confirm Gage has a fractured pelvis. […]

  • Dixie, Shih Tzu Mix

    Dixie, Shih Tzu Mix

    Meet Dixie. Dixie is a stray that was wandering around the streets of Yuma before she was brought into the shelter. Dixie appears to have an injury in her hip- she can put a little weight on the area, but when she walks or runs, she kicks it outward. Dixie appears to have adjusted to […]

  • Drifter, Terrier Mix

    Drifter, Terrier Mix

    Meet Drifter. **WARNING, GRAPHIC PHOTOS** Friends, we first want to apologize and give a warning for the extremely graphic nature of these photos and this story. We don’t know how to share Drifter’s story with you without making you aware of the horrible condition he is in. Drifter was picked up by reservation police and […]

  • Ezra, Shih Tzu Mix

    Ezra, Shih Tzu Mix

    Meet Ezra. Ezra is 10 pounds of skin and bones. His fur is clumped with dirt and severely matted. He was brought into the county shelter in this condition, after being found wandering the 110 degree streets of Arizona in July. Needless to say, he was not adoptable in this condition. To make matters worse, […]

  • Stetson, German Shepherd

    Stetson, German Shepherd

    Meet Stetson. Stetson was another stray, out roaming the hot Arizona streets when he was hit by a car. He was brought into animal control unable to stand or walk on his hind end. Because of his injuries, he would have been put down at the county shelter if no rescue was able to help…that’s […]

  • Gonzo, Terrier Mix

    Gonzo, Terrier Mix

    Meet Gonzo. Gonzo is an approximately two year old terrier mix who came into the shelter as a stray. Looking at Gonzo, you would never know the extent of his injuries; you see an adorable dog who looks like he would have families rushing to adopt him… Unfortunately Gonzo has a severe medical issue that […]

  • Austen, Australian Shepherd Mix

    Austen, Australian Shepherd Mix

    Meet Austen. Austen was reportedly attacked by another dog before ending up at the shelter. His fur is matted with blood and mud, the right side of his jaw is largely swollen and he has green drainage from his right eye. These are the injuries we can see, but actually not what we are most […]

  • Daphne, Min Pin Mix

    Daphne, Min Pin Mix

    Meet Daphne. When we saw Daphne’s picture on the euthanasia list at county, we knew immediately we had to help. This poor girl’s fur was mostly missing and she was covered in dry, crusty scabs from head to toe. She was listed at two years old and “temp human,” meaning she displayed some aggressive signs […]

  • Boomer, Lab Mix Puppy

    Boomer, Lab Mix Puppy

    Meet Boomer. Boomer had the misfortune of ending up at the county shelter; one of the hundreds of homeless animals surrendered or brought in as strays on a daily basis. Boomer had the added misfortune of being too sick to go up for adoption. That’s when M.A.I.N. stepped up to get this adorable pup out […]

  • Roscoe, Terrier Puppy

    Roscoe, Terrier Puppy

    Meet Roscoe. Roscoe is a tiny pup with a lot going on! At just six weeks old, Roscoe’s muzzle is crusty and swollen, he has an obvious ear infection and redness and hair loss around his eyes. Roscoe required more vet care than the shelter was able to provide and so they reached out to […]

  • Jasper, Shepherd Puppy

    Jasper, Shepherd Puppy

    Meet Jasper. Jasper is just a puppy- only 10 weeks old at time of rescue. He was reportedly attacked by several other dogs, leaving a large chunk of his flesh missing along with multiple puncture wounds and scabs all over his tiny body. The most heartbreaking part of this story are not Jasper’s physical wounds […]

  • Louie, Poodle Mix

    Louie, Poodle Mix

    Meet Louie. Louie was found wandering the streets near a freeway as a stray when a good samaritan picked him up and brought him to safety. Unfortunately this adorable young puppy has a condition that made him unadoptable and in need of a rescue. Louie is positive for Sarcoptic (contagious) Mange. At just five months […]