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  • URGENT! Butch Needs Surgery!

    URGENT! Butch Needs Surgery!

    You all know Butch, our special Boston Terrier mix! Butch has had a long journey with M.A.I.N. and we need your help walking down yet another curve in the road for him… As many of you know, Butch has just not been himself lately and has been very under the weather. Butch has been through […]

  • JoJo, Yorkie Mix

    JoJo, Yorkie Mix

    Meet JoJo. JoJo is an approximately five year old Yorkie mix rescued from the county pound with limping of his rear leg and a suspected pelvic fracture. JoJo wants to get adopted; he wants to come up to greet the people that walk by his kennel, but it’s hard with his injury. It’s hard for […]

  • Nikki, Shih-Tzu

    Nikki, Shih-Tzu

    Meet Nikki. Nikki was rescued from the county pound euthanasia list with multiple mammary tumors. As you can see, her tumor is quite large and is causing her a considerable amount of discomfort. While Nikki’s tumor is certainly hard to look at, that isn’t the most heartbreaking thing about this sweet dog. What is so heartbreaking is […]

  • Sadie, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

    Sadie, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

    Meet Sadie. Sadie is an eight week old puppy who needs our help! Sadie has a condition called “Strangles” that occurs in puppies and causes large amounts of swelling and oozing, infected skin. You can see Sadie’s whole muzzle, ears, eyes and neck are affected with this condition; a normally highly adoptable dog like Sadie now […]

  • Fiona, Chihuahua Mix

    Fiona, Chihuahua Mix

    Meet Fiona. At just nine months of age, Fiona is an adorable puppy that should have been adopted right away. Except, she should have never found herself in this position to begin with. Fiona HAD a family…she HAD a home- and then a tragic accident occurred. Fiona was ran over by a bicycle, severely mangling […]

  • Nala, Terrier Mix Puppy

    Nala, Terrier Mix Puppy

    Meet Nala. Nala is an adorable young pup who found herself at the county pound and worse yet, scheduled to be euthanized with a suspected Mange infection. We didn’t have much time to act, as this sweet girl was set to be put down in the morning, so we arranged for transport and busted this […]

  • Yuno, Husky Mix

    Yuno, Husky Mix

    Meet Yuno. Yuno was scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound with a facial injury; at first glance, we aren’t exactly sure what is going on but we suspect either a puncture/bite wound or a burst tooth abscess. Either way, it was clear that Yuno needed M.A.I.N’s help and a one-way ticket out of […]

  • Gizmo, Chihuahua

    Gizmo, Chihuahua

    Meet Gizmo. Gizmo is a little guy with a big story! At just around nine months old, this pup found himself at the county pound, unable to bear weight on his right front leg. He tries to look cute and get the attention of those who pass by…but the best he can do is limp […]

  • Pierre, Poodle

    Pierre, Poodle

    Meet Pierre. Pierre was picked up by animal control as a stray with a badly injured hind leg. He tries to walk on the leg, but just can’t. Instead, he holds the leg up against his body and hops to get around. The shelter has started Pierre on pain medication, but he needs x-rays and […]

  • Ramsey, Poodle Mix

    Ramsey, Poodle Mix

    Meet Ramsey. Ramsey was yet another beautiful soul scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound for a medical condition out of his control. It’s us humans that are supposed to take care of our fellow furry friends- those innocent creatures who ask only for a little love and care for all they give us […]

  • Wiley, Terrier Mix

    Wiley, Terrier Mix

    Meet Wiley. It was reported to the officers who picked up Wiley that he had been attacked by a coyote. Wiley is dirty, covered in mats and understandably fearful. Wiley was scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound for his injuries…but that’s where the sad story ends for this little guy. M.A.I.N. stepped in […]

  • Bo, Terrier/Spaniel Mix

    Bo, Terrier/Spaniel Mix

    Meet Bo. Bo is like many dogs we’ve met in the shelters- a broken spirit in horrible physical condition. We often don’t know these dog’s full stories; what led to them ending up in the pound in this terrible state? This sweet boy’s sad eyes say all we need to know right now though- Bo […]

  • Leeta, Boston Terrier Mix

    Leeta, Boston Terrier Mix

    Meet Leeta. Leeta is a young dog, but is in such bad shape, she looks worse than many senior dogs. How long was this sweet girl neglected to end up this way? Leeta was scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound with a horrible case of Demodectic Mange. Luckily, M.A.I.N. and a wonderful foster […]

  • Rocky, Yorkshire Terrier

    Rocky, Yorkshire Terrier

    Meet Rocky. At six years old, Rocky was surrendered to a local vet with chronic, untreated ear issues. His owners refused a referral to a specialist, instead choosing to abandon him to a fate unknown. Rocky has a possible tumor/growth occluding his ear canal. These growths could be built up tissue over time from the […]

  • Blossom, Terrier Mix

    Blossom, Terrier Mix

    Meet Blossom. Blossom is approximately one year old and just five tiny pounds. When she was first brought into the county pound, Blossom was unable to stand or walk. Upon xrays at county, it was discovered that this poor girl has multiple fractures all over: “No visible shoulder/limb abnormalities. Pelvis has acetabular fractures through both […]

  • Vinnie, Wire Fox Terrier Mix

    Vinnie, Wire Fox Terrier Mix

    Meet Vinnie. Vinnie found himself at the county pound in this shocking condition. He is approximately two years old and just ten pounds- his tiny body covered in huge and painful burns. The vets at county suspect the burns are a result of being outside in these extreme temperatures; a horrible place for any dog […]

  • Ziva, Shepherd Mix

    Ziva, Shepherd Mix

    Meet Ziva. Ziva is not the first Mange dog we’ve seen this bad and she unfortunately won’t be the last. But that doesn’t mean it ever gets easier seeing such a beautiful soul in such horrible condition. Ziva is just a puppy and has already endured an unimaginable level of neglect and pain. She is […]