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  • Dakota, Cairn Terrier Mix

    Dakota, Cairn Terrier Mix

    Meet Dakota. Dakota is a three month old Cairn Terrier mix who needed our help! At three months old, this puppy shouldn’t have a care in the world- she should be running around in a loving home with tons of toys and playtime. But poor Dakota somehow ended up at the county shelter and worse […]

  • Baxter, Terrier Mix

    Baxter, Terrier Mix

    Meet Baxter. Baxter first came to M.A.I.N. when the Humane Society contacted us seeking an outlet for this sweet boy. Baxter has a hard mass on the side of his neck, which shelter vets felt was very suspicious for cancer. This mass obviously made him unadoptable and Baxter needed a rescue to save him. Baxter […]

  • Sheba, Australian Shepherd Mix

    Sheba, Australian Shepherd Mix

    Meet Sheba. M.A.I.N. got the call from one of our local shelters to help 13 week old Sheba who was brought in to the shelter with suspected mange. Sheba has the “sarcoptic” form of mange, which is the contagious form. When we saw this beautiful puppy with her sad, sweet eyes and gorgeous white coat, […]

  • Bitsy, Chihuahua

    Bitsy, Chihuahua

    Meet Bitsy. A contact of ours was volunteering at the shelter when she walked by this little girl. At first glance, she thought the dog had a t-shirt on- when she looked closer, she realized that she actually had huge patches of fur missing and bloody scabs… Bitsy had been brought in to the shelter […]

  • Teddy, Poodle Mix

    Teddy, Poodle Mix

    Meet Teddy. When we met Teddy at the shelter, we were incredibly concerned and rushed him to an emergency vet right away. We knew this little guy needed help and needed it immediately. Teddy’s breathing was labored and his pupils were pinpoint- he had been brought in to the shelter after being hit by a […]

  • Tucker, Pit Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

    Tucker, Pit Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

    Meet Tucker. Tucker came to us all the way from the Yuma Humane Society when they reached out to us to help this adorable 6 week old puppy. They believe this little guy was hit by a car and that his leg is broken. So Tucker made the journey to us in Phoenix where we […]

  • Iris, Cairn Terrier Mix

    Iris, Cairn Terrier Mix

    Meet Iris. Iris is a two year old terrier mix that was brought in to the shelter by a local fire department who found her injured on the road. We believe Iris was hit by a car; she had extreme pain and redness/bruising to her back end. Iris was obviously not adoptable in this condition […]

  • Skeeter, Terrier Mix

    Skeeter, Terrier Mix

    Meet Skeeter. Skeeter is an approximately three month old Terrier puppy that came in to the shelter with an injured leg. Like so many of our dogs, we don’t know their history- how they came to have such tragic injuries or why no one family was looking for them in their hour of need… We […]

  • Farley, Rottweiler Mix Puppy

    Farley, Rottweiler Mix Puppy

    Meet Farley. Farley was brought into the county shelter with a pretty significant femur fracture. You can see in the X-rays that his bone is broken all the way through! We don’t know Farley’s past and so we don’t know how this injury happened; how a two month old puppy came to have such a […]

  • Sheldon, Terrier Puppy

    Sheldon, Terrier Puppy

    Meet Sheldon. Sheldon was taken in from the Yuma shelter when they sent out a plea for help. This 10 week old puppy weighs in at just 3.8 pounds and has an obviously broken front leg. M.A.I.N. wanted to help this sweet pup, so he made the trip all the way from Yuma to his […]

  • Aly, Dachshund Puppy

    Aly, Dachshund Puppy

    Meet Aly. A volunteer was at the county shelter when she saw this one month old puppy being turned in as a “stray.” This poor little gal was smeared in “Blu-Kote,” a home remedy substance for animals. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this home “remedy” on a dog in terrible condition… This puppy […]