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  • Stanley, Cocker Spaniel

    Stanley, Cocker Spaniel

    Meet Stanley. Stanley was brought to our attention at the county west shelter with an injured front leg that he is unable to bear weight on. When we met Stanley, it quickly became apparent that this injury does not slow him down. While it’s true that Stanley cannot place any weight on his right front […]

  • Rocky, Papillon Mix

    Rocky, Papillon Mix

    Meet Rocky. What we DO know of Rocky’s story is that he was surrendered to the Humane Society with a broken jaw. We don’t know the “how” or “why” of this story, but we hope you’ll join us in looking towards Rocky’s future rather than his past. Rocky has already had surgery at our amazing […]

  • Connor, Australian Shepherd Mix

    Connor, Australian Shepherd Mix

    We received an email from Pinal County Animal Shelter “We just took in this baby (less than 2 months old).  I do not know if he was bitten by something, hit by something or something else.  His head, face and ears are swollen.  His eyes and ears appear to be draining.” Fortunately, we have become […]

  • Catalina, Pit Bull Mix

    Catalina, Pit Bull Mix

    Post by Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.). As rescuers, many of us think we’ve seen it all. The horrors, the heartache, the wins and the losses become part of a daily life that I think all of us wish we could sometimes leave behind even for a short while.  But, just when we thought we […]

  • Tobie, Poodle Mix Puppy

    Tobie, Poodle Mix Puppy

    Meet Tobie. It’s obvious this little puppy is cute! But look closer and you’ll see that Tobie has a terrible eye condition causing redness and drainage from his eyes. This medical condition made him unadoptable and landed him on the county euthanasia list. The only way Tobie would be able to get out of the […]

  • Willow, Lab Mix Puppy

    Willow, Lab Mix Puppy

    Meet Willow. Willow was found limping around the reservation in this horrible condition. Willow is extremely skinny and has difficulty standing and walking on her hind end. She also has wounds on her feet and tail and we suspect this young pup was hit by a car while she was wandering the reservation homeless. So […]