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  • Crispin, Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

    Crispin, Pit Bull Terrier Puppy

    Meet Crispin. Crispin has an unknown skin condition that causes most of his fur to scab and fall off. He was rescued from the county shelter, where they ruled out mange, ringworm and strangles…so his condition is something of a mystery! Despite medicated baths and antibiotics, Crispin was not improving and so he needed a […]

  • Truman, Shih Tzu

    Truman, Shih Tzu

    Meet Truman. Many rescues have a tradition of saving a special animal on Christmas Eve. They go down to the shelter and pick one that really needs out, one they normally wouldn’t take… Meet Truman, OUR special Christmas doggie! Truman is a 12 year old Shih Tzu that came to us a day early as […]

  • Hope, Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

    Hope, Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

    Meet Hope. Hope’s former family surrendered her to the shelter, unable to afford her vet care. They had taken her to an outside vet and were told that she possibly had kidney stones or some sort of other urinary tract infection/disease. Unfortunately the county shelter is not a full service vet clinic and they were […]

  • Georgie, American Bulldog Mix

    Georgie, American Bulldog Mix

    Meet Georgie. Georgie was rescued from the county shelter after he was given a medical time limit and at risk for euthanasia due to his medical condition. Georgie has multiple masses along his genital and scrotal area. Per the shelter’s vet check, it is suspected that these masses are “cutaneous neoplasia,” a term for skin […]

  • Oscar, Great Pyrenees

    Oscar, Great Pyrenees

    Meet Oscar. Oscar was rescued from a local shelter with a low grade malignant tumor in his skull bone. He will have xrays and bloodwork at our partner vet while we determine the best course of action for him. We hope we can help this gentle giant! Oscar is a whopping 131 pounds but seems […]

  • Dante, Shih-Tzu Mix

    Dante, Shih-Tzu Mix

    Meet Dante. Dante was brought to the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) by a good samaritan, suffering from unknown head trauma and seizures. AHS worked tirelessly to find a rescue placement for Dante, with no luck. MAIN was his last resort…. Thankfully our amazing foster team stepped up, and we were able to take Dante into […]

  • Mr. Dalton, Lab

    Mr. Dalton, Lab

    Meet Mr. Dalton. Mr. Dalton was surrendered to the shelter with a “broken leg” but xray revealed a much more sinister possibility- osteosarcoma (cancer). Unfortunately because of his medical needs, Dalton landed on the euthanasia list. MAIN answered the call for help, not knowing exactly what this rescue would entail. We do not intentionally take […]

  • Scarlett, Dachshund

    Scarlett, Dachshund

    Meet Scarlett. Scarlett was taken in from a shelter in Wilcox with a huge hernia that will need surgical repair. Scarlett was one of 10 dogs brought in from a hoarding situation. Understandably, this poor girl is very fearful and under-socialized. Despite how fearful our newest rescue is, she is still very sweet; she wants […]

  • Archie, Poodle Mix

    Archie, Poodle Mix

    Meet Archie. Poor Archie came into the shelter as a stray with a leg injury. He holds his left leg up and will not bear any weight on it. As you can see in the xrays, this guy has a pretty bad femur fracture! The worst part of this is that the injury is old. […]

  • Jax, Lab Mix

    Jax, Lab Mix

    Meet Jax. First, we apologize for the graphic nature of these photos, but we don’t know how else to show you the serious condition of the newest M.A.I.N. dog. This poor Lab mix came in to the shelter in this condition as a stray and we were immediately contacted to help. We are assuming the […]

  • Lola, Chihuahua/Pug Puppy

    Lola, Chihuahua/Pug Puppy

    Meet Lola. Lola is a four month old, four pound Chi/Pug mix taken in from the Arizona Humane Society. Poor Lola was surrendered by her owners due to her health issues. Bile acid tests have confirmed the presence of a liver shunt in Lola. A liver shunt is a normal development while a puppy is […]

  • Allie, Shepherd Mix

    Allie, Shepherd Mix

    Meet Allie. Allie was rescued from the county shelter in serious condition. This poor girl tested positive for Heartworms, Tick Fever AND Tapeworms. Allie also has an infection in both ears AND the tests at our vets have shown she is also positive for Valley Fever. How much more could go wrong for this poor […]

  • Spencer, Redtick Coonhound Puppy

    Spencer, Redtick Coonhound Puppy

    Meet Spencer. Spencer is an approximately three month old Redtick Coonhound rescued from the Yuma Humane Society. We know these pictures are shocking- we couldn’t believe the size of this little puppy’s belly when we first saw his pictures! Spencer was found on the side of a road in Yuma after having been hit by […]