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  • Gage, Poodle Mix

    Gage, Poodle Mix

    Meet Gage. Gage was an emergency rescue from the county west shelter when we received a call that said he was in need of an immediate outlet. Gage had been witnessed being hit by a car and was brought into the shelter with obvious injuries. Xrays at the shelter confirm Gage has a fractured pelvis. […]

  • Drifter, Terrier Mix

    Drifter, Terrier Mix

    Meet Drifter. **WARNING, GRAPHIC PHOTOS** Friends, we first want to apologize and give a warning for the extremely graphic nature of these photos and this story. We don’t know how to share Drifter’s story with you without making you aware of the horrible condition he is in. Drifter was picked up by reservation police and […]

  • Ezra, Shih Tzu Mix

    Ezra, Shih Tzu Mix

    Meet Ezra. Ezra is 10 pounds of skin and bones. His fur is clumped with dirt and severely matted. He was brought into the county shelter in this condition, after being found wandering the 110 degree streets of Arizona in July. Needless to say, he was not adoptable in this condition. To make matters worse, […]

  • Gonzo, Terrier Mix

    Gonzo, Terrier Mix

    Meet Gonzo. Gonzo is an approximately two year old terrier mix who came into the shelter as a stray. Looking at Gonzo, you would never know the extent of his injuries; you see an adorable dog who looks like he would have families rushing to adopt him… Unfortunately Gonzo has a severe medical issue that […]

  • Boomer, Lab Mix Puppy

    Boomer, Lab Mix Puppy

    Meet Boomer. Boomer had the misfortune of ending up at the county shelter; one of the hundreds of homeless animals surrendered or brought in as strays on a daily basis. Boomer had the added misfortune of being too sick to go up for adoption. That’s when M.A.I.N. stepped up to get this adorable pup out […]

  • Jasper, Shepherd Puppy

    Jasper, Shepherd Puppy

    Meet Jasper. Jasper is just a puppy- only 10 weeks old at time of rescue. He was reportedly attacked by several other dogs, leaving a large chunk of his flesh missing along with multiple puncture wounds and scabs all over his tiny body. The most heartbreaking part of this story are not Jasper’s physical wounds […]

  • Stanley, Cocker Spaniel

    Stanley, Cocker Spaniel

    Meet Stanley. Stanley was brought to our attention at the county west shelter with an injured front leg that he is unable to bear weight on. When we met Stanley, it quickly became apparent that this injury does not slow him down. While it’s true that Stanley cannot place any weight on his right front […]

  • Rocky, Papillon Mix

    Rocky, Papillon Mix

    Meet Rocky. What we DO know of Rocky’s story is that he was surrendered to the Humane Society with a broken jaw. We don’t know the “how” or “why” of this story, but we hope you’ll join us in looking towards Rocky’s future rather than his past. Rocky has already had surgery at our amazing […]

  • Connor, Australian Shepherd Mix

    Connor, Australian Shepherd Mix

    We received an email from Pinal County Animal Shelter “We just took in this baby (less than 2 months old).  I do not know if he was bitten by something, hit by something or something else.  His head, face and ears are swollen.  His eyes and ears appear to be draining.” Fortunately, we have become […]