Lucky, Pit Bull Mix

Meet Lucky.

This is “Lucky,” however with a head over-run with small tumors, his name didn’t fit him at all…

He was on his last day at the shelter before he was to be euthanized, when M.A.I.N. stepped in and consulted with Bethany Animal Hospital on his treatment. This video contains the photos from Lucky’s surgery — and are quite graphic in nature, though a warning will appear before any of the surgical photos are shown.

UPDATE 5-18-2012: (from Dr. Katie) Lucky’s sutures will be out in a few days.  He does not seem dog aggressive at all and can go to the dog park as soon as he’s feeling up to it. Lucky is approximately nine months old.

Thank you for watching and as always, we need your help with Lucky’s medical expenses. If you can help, then thank you!

Lucky’s Updates:

We are THRILLED to report that after over a year with M.A.I.N, Lucky has officially been adopted! Congrats to Lucky and his perfect fur-ever family- he waited a long time for you!

LuckyLucky was fortunate enough to get a very special weekend get-away with one of M.A.I.N.’s awesome supporters, Gail. Here’s what she had to say about Lucky: “Lucky was absolutely wonderful with all seven of my dogs the whole weekend! He loves chewing on nylabones and playing tug-a-war whether it was with a leash or rope toy. Loves the pool and both he and Ziggy were playing in the hose water too.

He sure does appreciate being in the house as part of the family. He is goofy, friendly, makes the cutest faces….and snores REAL LOUD when he’s sleeping LOL. Lucky gives me the impression of being fine with a pack or an only dog as well, as he is just looking for love and well just love.

He was very well behaved here too. Didn’t destroy anything, never had an accident in the house. Is kinda figuring out the doggy door but only if someone opens the flap for him. He’s smart for sure. A little training and a home to call his own and he would be the best, most loyal boy ever!”

From the DWC (Dog Walkers Club):

Erin: Lucky is a sweetheart! He’s a smart cookie too, he found the shade and enjoyed the breeze!! Anyone who has the opportunity to walk him, should! He loved his walk today! He was such a delight! He’s great in the car and was so thankful to be out and about! I’ll definitely be seeing him again soon!

From Lisa: He loves attention! Such a great boy! Extremely friendly!

From Dara: Lucky is one of a kind. TONS OF ENERGY! AHHH! So fun. We loved him.

From Heather: Lucky is a handsome and energetic boy! I love his bright eyes and his big smile. He would make someone such an active new family member! He also looooves to give kisses! He plays great with everyone at the dog park and especially loves to hang out with his best pal, Denny!

From Jared: Lucky is an adorable goofball who loves to give kisses. Guaranteed laughs every time I’m around him!

From Kassy: Lucky is a big ball of energy!!! He loves to run and play chase! He needs a little training, but will make a great running partner for someone!

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