Jessie, Boxer Mix

In an article about Jessie in the Examiner, Penny Eims writes:

Jessie, the sickly, emaciated, tick-infested pit bull mix who was saved from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Facility by Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.), has been adopted.

Jessie was rescued from absolute misery and certain death in Sept. 2012. Today, she is officially healthy, happy and a part of a loving family, and I personally dare you not to cry.

  • I dare you to watch the video which chronicles her journey and not shed tears for the misery she was forced to endure prior to being saved.
  • I dare you to make it through without thinking, “what if.”
  • I dare you not to hurt for her foster family who gave her their heart and then watched her leave.
  • I dare you to hold back the tears when you see her romp and play and think, “this may have never been.”

You will cry tears of sorrow and tears of joy for Jessie, her foster family and the rescue who saved her life. You will cry tears for all of the Jessie’s who do not have the same outcome.

Congratulations Jessie and thank you to M.A.I.N. and a special thank you, from one foster home to another, to Jessie’s foster family who is tending to their own broken hearts right now. May your hearts mend and may you go on to do the same thing again – fosters are special people. – Penny Eims, Dog News Examiner

Meet Jessie. Jessie was rescued from county, severely emaciated and in terrible physical condition…

This isn’t one of our “Normal” rescue videos. Jessie’s transporters took a lot of wonderful footage that we’ve posted as Jessie’s Video (above), but while going through the footage, I saw these two clips and had to stop and share them with all of you. It’s unedited with sound, so I apologize for the dogs barking. This is Jessie being rescued and leaving the shelter – and as hard as it is to watch – remember that the county is estimating this poor pup to be two years old. I am STUNNED that this dog isn’t 12 or even older.

We see a lot of cruelty with the work that we all do. But, even after all that we’ve seen – our hearts are all breaking for this dog. She’s got a very long road ahead of her, so if you are able to help, thank you.

Update, Sept. 7th: Just spoke to the vet… Jessie is holding her own. She’s brighter today and responded well to the transfusion. Her packed cell volume (PCV) went from a 7 prior to the transfusion to a 22. Normal range is 35-55. Bloodwork shows anemia and positive for Tick Fever. Still waiting on Valley Fever result. This sweet little girl is also – get this – housebroken! She held it all night until kennel staff took her out to potty this morning!

Our dogs are lucky to live in an age where they are integral parts of a family. Pet nutrition is now at the forefront of the dog food manufacturer’s concerns and toys, treats and fluffy beds are available in all price ranges – so that no dog EVER – EVER – EVER should be made to live the life that Jessie has had to endure.

 December 23rd trip to the dog park

Jessie’s Updates:

Jessie has officially been adopted by her foster family! There is truly no better place for this special girl and we are SO happy for her and her fur-ever family!

Update, Nov. 6th: Jessie is currently recovering from Ringworm; these organisms live in the soil and it’s most likely that Jessie’s outbreak, which started on her rear foot, moved to her face because of scratching. Treatment is a $4 ointment on the lesion and shampoo baths twice a week. Jessie will be healed in no time!

Update Oct. 18th: Jessie is back home after two days of observation at BAH. Dr. Miller told me she thinks Jessie has some hip dysplasia issues and she is on a couple medications that seem to be working beautifully! She is now 40 pounds…about 10 more than when she was rescued. We are so happy to have her back!

Update from Jessie’s foster mom, Oct. 13th: I took Jessie to a small dog park this morning for about 30 minutes. She walked around wagging her tail the entire time. Now she is sacked out on the sofa.

Update Oct. 12th: Jessie has been feeling lethargic lately, but she had x-rays today and they looked great. Her repeat Valley Fever test was also negative. It’s a mystery! The vets would like Jessie to stay all day Monday and Tuesday of next week for observation.

Update Oct. 9th from Dr. Katie: Just to fill everyone in a bit- on Jessie’s original labs she was Valley Fever negative- but so were Buck and Beethoven who both turned up positive later on. We’re testing Jessie again in case she became infected with Valley Fever BECAUSE she was so debilitated by the ticks and almost dying…we’ve covered everything else and her Tick Fever and red cell counts are improving. We’re in the same boat with Kona. Doing rescue medicine is tough when it comes to resources- even with the special pricing we got from our lab for MAIN dogs, repeating this blood test is 125.00 per dog. Melissa and I are determined to know what we are looking for before ordering tests- whether it’s for rescue dogs or owned dogs. We do things step by step if we can because we don’t feel it is fair to spend owner resources just to make our lives easier. Even when we aren’t looking at our patients our little brains are mulling over all their issues and today we decided that Jessie’s lethary has gone on long enough that it’s becoming less likely that she just overdid it …and it’s been long enough since her first test AND she’s been getting treatment for her other issues and gaining weight…Voila! time to retest!

Update, Sept. 23rd: Jessie had her check up on Friday with Dr. Andre and she’s already gained five pounds, so the road to recovery has started off beautifully! “She’s definitely more engaged now,” Kate says “and she even went to the window and barked at the mailman yesterday!”

Jessie, Boxer-Shepherd mix - Medical Animals In Need (20)From The Examiner article, by Penny Eims – September 11th, 2012

Days ago, an emaciated pit bull bid adieu to a life of abject misery when volunteers with Medical Animals In Need (M.A.I.N.) pulled her from the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Facility.

The dog, named “Jessie,” was taken to a veterinary clinic for blood transfusions to help restore the blood which was lost to the hundreds, if not thousands, of ticks which caked her gaunt body.

As gentle hands tenderly washed her fur and pulled the blood-thirsty pests from her body, Jessie’s wide eyes watched – either in amazement or possibly wonder – as she was, for perhaps the first time in her life, treated with kindness and compassion.

It is easy to see that Jessie’s life has been subject to utter neglect thus far.  continue reading



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