Ruby, Labrador Retriever Mix

This is Ruby; safe from euthanasia with M.A.I.N. but certainly NOT out of the woods.

Ruby, Labrador Retriever MixFolks, Ruby is as sick as we’ve seen any of our dogs.  We don’t know what’s going to happen over the next few days, and we can’t promise anything other than we will try our hardest to make this sweet young pup whole again.  Please share a prayer for her and help us provide her the medical care that we hope will save her life.

She’s estimated to be two years old, so we shudder to think what those years must have been like for her.  We’ll keep you posted as we know more and we’ll let you know when she’s safe and part of the M.A.I.N. family.

Medical Update, Jan. 30th: We ran some additional bloodwork – initial results indicate that her vital organs are functioning fine. She’s negative for Tick Fever but there are several indicators she may have Valley Fever, so we are waiting on the full results and titer.

Medical Update, Jan. 29th from the vet: She is eating like a horse, still very sore/crusty despite her bath. Heartworm negative, so we’re starting the Ivermectin for the Mange. She’s doing great right now. She is drinking more than expected but I think it may be a resource guarding type situation. We will test her for Tick Fever and Valley Fever as well.


Ruby’s Updates:

Ruby has been adopted! Congrats to Ruby and her fur-ever dad!

rubyRuby’s Petfinder Bio: Hi! I’m Ruby, a gem of a dog looking for a fur-ever family to call my own. You’ve probably noticed my “before” picture by now- can you believe that was me when I was first rescued?! M.A.I.N. rescued me from the county pound euthanasia list with a horrible case of Mange. I was very sick, but have made a full recovery and am now a happy, healthy energetic young dog! Let’s talk about some fun things now- like PLAYING! I love to play and have tons of energy. I would make a great new friend for your dog at home or a great hiking/running partner for YOU! I love everyone I meet, other dogs, cats and kids included! My absolute favorite thing in the world is going to the dog park to meet new people and dogs. The Lab in me loves water and running through the sprinklers, but I haven’t quite found the fun in the pool yet. Summer is coming up- maybe you could teach me?! There’s lots of fun things we can do together! I’m also a very smart girl; I walk great on the leash, am kennel trained and know “sit” and am working on “lay down.” Want to teach me some more tricks?! I’m up for it! One thing I should warn you about- I do consider myself to be a lap dog and would love to sit next to you and cuddle! I’m sure you won’t mind! I’m full of fun, energy and sweetness and would make the PERFECT furry friend for your dog at home!

ruby2From Ruby’s foster, April 2nd, 2013: I took my son to the skateboard park tonight and let Ruby come with, she really enjoyed watching the kids play; you could see her head turning back and forth as the kids went by. She is such a happy and well adjusted girl, which is so amazing when you think how bad her life was just a few months ago!

From Ruby’s foster, Feb. 25th, 2013: She is as puppy as they come- chewing, stealing toys, food, and just plain full of mischief. She is doing awesome! She is even dog door trained now. No doggie accidents in the house in two weeks. She is just darling.

From Ruby’s foster mom, Feb. 18th, 2013: Ruby is doing fabulous! She’s growing like a weed. She weighs about 50 pounds now and she is getting tons of new hair. Those of you who don’t know, Ruby is a puppy! I figure she is six to eight months old. She barks and plays just like one and still has sharp puppy teeth. We love watching her play and grow. She is like a different dog. I would like to thank all of you for your love and support. We could have never done it without all of you!

Ruby10Update on Ruby, Feb. 6th from her foster mom: I took Ruby to see Dr. Miller at BAH last night and she has Kennel Cough, so she is on another antibiotic. I got to meet Benny and his foster mom also. It was so nice. The doc and techs say Ruby is looking and doing great! She will be back to herself in no time. She now weighs 44 lbs and tested negative for Tick Fever and Valley Fever! How great is that!?

From Ruby’s foster mom, Jan. 31st: She is asleep at my feet on her bed right now. She has had her medicated bath and is all squeaky clean. It was a VERY hard thing to do. There isn’t one 1/2 inch of her body that isn’t an oozing, bloody sore. She was a trooper and took it like a good girl. The smell is horrible, especially when wet, by the way..but I love her!


Ruby visited with Don & Heather on March 4th, and they had to take some photos!  Look at what a fabulous foster family, a thousand people on Facebook and a lot of love can do!

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