Scottie Dog Art Prints

One of M.A.I.N’s wonderful supporters, Mary Louise Simmons paints “Scottie Mischief” dog art prints and will be donating $10 of every sale back to M.A.I.N!

Prints can be ordered by clicking here!

Each print costs $25 plus $5.75 for postage, insurance and handling. Each print will be signed and numbered!

Available prints:

Weekend in Paris, 8 1/4″┬áby 11″

Grandmom’s Little Rascal, 9 1/2″ by 7 1/5″

Seaside Scotties, 11″ by 15″

Looking for Nessie, 11 1/2″ by 8 1/2″.

In the Master’s Arms, 8 1/4″ by 12″

Till We Meet Again, 12″ by 9″

Back to the 50’s, 10 3/4″ by 7 1/4″

“So Where’s the Pizza?” 9″ by 12″ (Two disappointed Scottie’s travel the world to get to what they thought was a tower of pizza)