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Sample Foster form



Date Saturday, January 26, 2013
Name Don Mertes
Home Number (602) 795-2260
Cell Number (602) 919-8471
Work Number (602) 795-2260
Email donmertes1@cox.net

1509 East Granada Road
Phoenix, AZ 85006
United States
Is this address: Permanent
If seasonal, when are you in the Phoenix area?
About your home: I own my home
If there are child living in your household, what are their ages: No children
Which do you prefer to care for (please check all that apply): Adult Dogs
Do you have any experience with suckling’s that need to be bottle fed?
If so, please explain
Yes, and I never want to do it again!
Do you currently have pets?
  • Yes
Are they Spayed/Neutered?
  • Yes
Number of Cats 1
Number of Dogs 7
Other 1 Parrot and 1 Chicken
Are they current on rabies vaccination(s)?
  • Yes
Are they current on booster(s)?
  • Yes
Are your dogs licensed?
  • Yes
Please check any diseases your household pets may have or had:
Other diseases or illnesses None
If you have had dog and/or cat diseases in your home, please list when: n/a
Do you have an enclosed outdoor area?
  • Yes
How high is the barrier? 6 foot block wall
Where will your foster animal(s) be housed? Indoors with the rest of my pets
How long will you be able to foster an animal or litter? indefinitely



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