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Dear M.A.I.N.,
Can you tell me how to start a rescue like yours? I live in New Jersey and there are many dogs and cats that need rescuing.
Thanks, Eva

Hi Eva!

Happy MAIN dogFrom Cathy: The 3 major steps M.A.I.N. followed were:

1. Develop a close working relationship with our municipal/county shelters by working as volunteers & foster.

2. Enlist the help of other volunteers & fosters at that shelter.

3. Find a vet who is rescue oriented & willing to treat (& board) the sick/injured animals while allowing you to carry an account balance, because there will never be enough money to stay current with the bills.

#1 is so important because the shelter has to be willing to release the animals to you for treatment. The M.A.I.N. dogs are released to us on medical foster status, in our personal names in the computer database.

Once those 3 things were in place, we used social media to enlist the support of the rescue community & the community at large for donations, fosters, transports, & volunteers.

Then we created a website to highlight the animals in our care & post updates on their outcomes.

The rescue & adoption videos you see are an integral part of M.A.I.N. as they allow the world to see the dogs being rescued & to hear their story.

We truly believe M.A.I.N. can be a national model for shelter volunteers all over the country who want to find creative ways to save more lives ♥ ~Cathy

Benny!From Don: The short answer would be to develop partnerships with MANY people and all work for the same goal – saving lives.

These partners would be vets, transporters, dog walkers, identifiers, donors (a REALLY big one), LOTS of friends on Facebook, photographers, videographers, editing people (for the videos), web programmers, LOTS of fosters.. and (last but not least) the county shelter itself.

Seeing all of this in print makes us realize just how lucky we are! – Don

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