Yuno, Husky Mix

Meet Yuno.

Yuno- waiting to be rescuedYuno was scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound with a facial injury; at first glance, we aren’t exactly sure what is going on but we suspect either a puncture/bite wound or a burst tooth abscess.

Either way, it was clear that Yuno needed M.A.I.N’s help and a one-way ticket out of the shelter!

Yuno was initially shy to his rescuers, but warmed up quickly. It’s obvious he’s never walked on a leash, so his new foster mom didn’t mind carrying him out of the shelter and on his way to freedom.

Yuno will meet with our partner vet and we will keep everyone updated on his diagnosis and progress.

You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but this guy is actually very small- only about 25 pounds! He may be tiny in stature, but we’re sure he has the heart of a lion!

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Yuno’s Updates:

Yuno has officially been adopted by his foster family! We couldn’t think of a more perfect home for him!

Yuno's baby faceA note on Yuno from his foster mom: Yuno is a very active, energetic dog, who needs a good daily exercise- walks, hiking, biking, running, they are all easily do-able for him. Yuno would also be a great dog for all sorts of dog sports like fly ball, agility, etc. If he gets his exercise, he is a nice and calm, cuddly dog in the house. He is very social with the dogs and likes his people a lot. He is very smart and will be easy to train. He will require weekly brushing/grooming to avoid matting. He is housebroken and starting to learn all his house manners. He is the perfect “pocket sized” dog for a very active family/person!


From Yuno’s foster mom, Sept. 27th: Yuno weighed 26 pounds today at the vet and they say he is about three or four years old. The wound is healing nicely and needs no (further) treatment. He is missing three of his lower front teeth- one is chipped and may need to be removed. And he has an under-bite that makes him look like he sulks (very cute!). He is scheduled for neuter surgery on Monday and then it looks like he can be off to a good home!

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