Winnie, Border Collie Puppy

WinnieMeet Winnie.

Winnie is yet another puppy who’s brief time on this earth has been filled with too much suffering. Winnie is just six weeks old and was brought into the county shelter in this terrible condition. Her muzzle, eyes and ears are swollen and oozing and she is in obvious discomfort. Winnie has a condition called Puppy Strangles, a nodular and pustular skin disorder.

The county shelter does not have the time and resources to treat this condition and so Winnie needed an outlet asap. We’ve treated many puppies with strangles in our rescue, but the road to healing is not always easy. We will get Winnie seen by our partner vet and started on treatment right away. She will recover in a loving foster home and we will keep everyone updated on her progress.

We can only help Winnie and dogs like her with your continued support. Please, if you are able, donate to Winnie’s medical care chip in fund via Paypal below. Every little bit helps- Thank You!

Winnie’s Updates:

Winnie has been adopted! Congrats Winnie and your furever family!

Winnie’s Bio: Hi, my name is Winnie! I’m an almost 4 month old Border Collie Mix. I am spayed and will have all my shots by 3/11/15. I’m looking for my forever home so have been asked to share some things about myself. You need to know that I have an overall goal in life and that is to PLAY as much as possible! I like to play with hoomans, other dogs and TOYS!!! I’m very friendly and if you will play with me, I’ll love you forever! I’m good with children but do better with older kids because they know how to tell me to calm down. Sometimes little kids get overcome with the exuberance (and sharp puppy teeth). I am also very smart (if I do say so myself). I know how to sit and play fetch. I love treats, so if you can communicate what you want me to do, I’ll do my best for a treat. I’m full of energy and my favorite places are outdoors or beside a hooman. I will hang out in my crate but I don’t like it and will let you know I’m not happy to see if you will come get me out. If not, I will settle down until I hear you coming to spring me and then I’ll let you know I’m ready in no uncertain terms. I am full of energy so often wear out my foster siblings and my hoomans before I’m really tired. We’re working on potty training and I’m starting to get the idea. I’d rather go outside than use a potty pad. I’m ok with cats. If they stay still, I will bark at them. If they run, it’s time to play so, of course, I chase them. I’m excited to meet my forever family! If you’re interested, please fill out an application so we can meet and maybe even PLAY!!

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