Willow, Lab Mix Puppy

Willow's freedom ride!Meet Willow.

Willow was found limping around the reservation in this horrible condition.

Willow is extremely skinny and has difficulty standing and walking on her hind end. She also has wounds on her feet and tail and we suspect this young pup was hit by a car while she was wandering the reservation homeless.

So many reservations dogs we take in are diagnosed with Valley Fever, Tick Fever, Heartworm and more. We are hoping this isn’t the case for Willow and will learn more about her condition at her vet visit this coming week.

For now, Willow spent her first night in foster and is slowly but surely coming out of her shell. Soon, the images you see below will be but a distant memory for her.

No more weeping Willow, it’s only blue skies ahead…

Please, if you are able, donate to Willow’s medical care chip-in fund via PayPal link below. Thank You!

Willow’s Updates:

Willow has been adopted by a wonderful family! Willow joins former MAIN dog, Lady in California with her new fur-ever family…we love repeat adopters!

willowadoptUpdate from Willow’s foster mom, May 9th: For all that Willow has been through in her short life time, she amazes me everyday. You would never know that a few short weeks ago this girl was emaciated, broken and sick. Today she’s running around playing hard with her foster brother, playing tug of war with her toys and totally potty trained. We went out on our very first outing Friday night with her and we weren’t too sure what to expect, going to a soft ball game- lots of noise, other dogs and people walking around, etc. So this is her- yes she was sleeping through it all! I love this girl! Oh and she walks great on a leash, never pulled once, she just walked by my side.

Update on Willow, April 25th from her foster family: Willow went to the vet today and she’s doing great! She got her splints off today and she is walking great. Next she gets spayed. YAY Willow!

From Willow’s foster family, April 8th: Our lil Willow is home from the vet. It turns out that both of her tibias in her back legs are fractured…BUT she’s already been treated at some point. The sores on her legs are from the previous splints- your guess is good as mine what the story is behind this! She’ll be in these splints for up to a month. The splints will relieve the pain, but she’s in great spirits!

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