Vinnie, Wire Fox Terrier Mix

Meet Vinnie.

Burns2Vinnie found himself at the county pound in this shocking condition. He is approximately two years old and just ten pounds- his tiny body covered in huge and painful burns.

The vets at county suspect the burns are a result of being outside in these extreme temperatures; a horrible place for any dog to be in the Arizona summer.

We know it’s hard for you to look at these graphic photos- it is for us too. But if we turn away now, who will help?

Please help us help Vinnie get the vet care he so desperately needs by donating to his medical care chip-in fund at the bottom of the page and as always, please share his pictures and story with your world. Thank You!






“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” -Dr. Seuss

Vinnie’s Updates:

Vinnie has officially been adopted by his foster family, who couldn’t bear to give him up. Congrats to Vinnie and his fur-ever family!

VinnieA note on Vinnie from his foster mom: Vinnie’s forever home must love cuddling, seriously! His goal in life is to be curled up in your lap! He lives car rides and chewing on his bones. Not crate or doggy door trained but does well being contained in a room with a  gate. Is slowly learning basic commands such as “sit” and “stay,” but will need someone who is willing to be patient with him to train him. His response to commands such as “sit, stay, and lay down” has been to roll on his back for belly rubs. He is dog selective and would do best with dogs that will give him space. I wouldn’t recommend toddlers due to his habit of jumping, though he seems to like kids and the one toddler he’s met he was very submissive to and sat there wagging his tail while she pet him. His one definite naughty habit is taking fabric that smells like people- towels, wash clothes, bath mat, socks… I have to keep them picked up.

Update on Vinnie, Sept. 25th: The burns are gone, just varying degrees of scar tissue and regrowth. He’s getting some spots of hair and still has a thin stripe of thinner tissue down the middle but he’s getting there. He refuses to hold still long enough for me to get a good picture of it!

Update on Vinnie, July 28th: Vinnie is NOT impressed with his modified sleeper and inner tube collar! After getting his bandage off AGAIN , drastic measures were taken. Some belly rubs fixed that though! He has finally shown some interest in toys…he will randomly start playing with his rope. If I’d let him, he’d much rather play with his clothes though! He is also slowly adjusting to the other dogs in the house and even let our large dog clean his ears.

Vinnie!From Vinnie’s foster mom, July 15th: Vinnie found his voice today! He has become REALLY spunky in the last 24 hours or so. He’s no longer content to just be near me, he has to be ON me. He’d rather jump on me than go potty when he goes outside and the concept of sitting next to me is lost on him. He is adamant that he has to be pet, preferably while he is as close to your chest as he can wedge himself and it’s a bonus if he can roll on his back for a belly rub at the same time. When I had to leave him in “his” room, he barked non stop! We’re still working on slowly introducing him to our dogs. He wags his tail at our Yorkie and our Schnauzer through the baby gate but doesn’t seem interested in sniffing them or being on the same side of the gate. We aren’t rushing it as our pack is a hyper bunch and that wouldn’t be optimal healing conditions for his back.

Vinnie July 10thUpdate on Vinnie from his foster mom, July 9th: Vinnie got his dressings changed today and they are very happy with the progress in healing. She said the wounds seem to be granulating well and he was a good boy for the dressing change. He was very happy to see me. I’ve learned a few things about him today…he doesn’t like cement mixers and will bark and growl at them if you happen to be stopped at a light next to one. The only time I’ve heard him bark! He’s not a huge fan of the vet’s office. He loves car rides, provided he can look out the window and check everything out- he thinks that’s pretty cool! I’ll post new pictures later, just letting him rest for now.

From Vinnie’s foster mom, July 6th: Vinnie is currently at BAH awaiting his wound cleaning. I know he will feel SO much better with the huge scab removed! I gave him some pain medications and that seemed to help. He’s a great dog, no accidents in the house, follows commands and learns routines easily. He met my Yorkie, Snickers, briefly through the baby gate last night.

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