Turbo, German Shepherd Mix

Turbo waiting for rescueMeet Turbo.

Turbo’s former owners surrendered him to our partner vet because they were unable to afford his medical care. Turbo had fallen out of the back of the owner’s truck on the freeway and shattered his femur bone. 🙁

Turbo has already had surgery at our vet and is recovering in a wonderful foster home, while he rests and stays comfortable with pain medication.

We are so grateful we were able to help Turbo heal and eventually find a forever home!

Turbo’s surgery and medical follow up care will be costly.

Please, if you are able, donate to his medical care via PayPal below. Every little bit counts- Thank You!

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Turbo’s Updates:

Turbo has had orthopedic surgery to repair his broken leg. He is recovering in a loving foster home. We will keep everyone up to date on his progress!

Turbo in foster

From Turbo’s foster mom, Nov. 2016:   I’m his lucky foster !! In case you haven’t heard Turbo was rescued by MAIN after he was thrown from the back of a truck onto the I10, shattering his leg. Left untreated for an unknown amount of time, MAIN took him in to give him a chance. He had surgery to try and save his leg, but unfortunately his bone broke again after the pin came out, and his muscles are atrophied, so there is only a 1% chance that any further surgery will have a positive outcome.
Today he is at BAH and going in for an amputation and becoming a tripod. This guy is so loving,even after all he’s gone through, and has such an amazing spirit, I know he’s just going to be happy to finally be able to play and be a puppy.

Turbo Update, Sept. 2016: Turbo‘s leg is healing very well now. I take him on short walks through the day to encourage him to use his leg. I’ve only seen him do it once, but I know he will get the hang of it soon, and no longer hop. In three weeks he will be re-Xrayed and neutered. Soon after that, hopefully his pin will be removed. Way to go Turbo!

Turbo Update: Turbo has been given permission to finally come out of his crate, multiple times a day, for ten minutes at a time. He still looks to be healing nicely and seems very happy and out of pain now. He’s getting his staples out next week. After that, physical therapy. Doing good!

Turbo Update, Aug. 2016: Turbo is back from the vet and spending his days in the comfort of his crate. Right now he can only be out for small periods to use the bathroom, then right back in. His fractured leg is held together very delicately with a small pin. In about a week or two the vet may allow him to slowly spend more time outside the crate, but for now, his bones need to fuse a bit. Complete bed rest. He’s such a sweet dog!