Tucker, Pit Bull Terrier Mix Puppy

We mourn the loss of yet another MAIN alum.

Cody (formerly Tucker) came to us as a tiny baby with a broken leg from the Humane Society of Yuma. He was adopted by an incredible family who loved him dearly. His mom even taught him hand signals since he was deaf. Cody had surgery last week to remove bladder stones and passed away on Tuesday due to complications from the surgery. He was just 2 years old.

Our hearts go out to his mom, Nicole, and everyone else that knew and loved Cody. If only love could save them…
Run free Cody. 💔

Tucker3Meet Tucker.

Tucker came to us all the way from the Yuma Humane Society when they reached out to us to help this adorable 6 week old puppy. They believe this little guy was hit by a car and that his leg is broken. So Tucker made the journey to us in Phoenix where we had him evaluated right away at our partner vet.

X-rays show that this little guy DOES indeed have a fracture of his tibia! The good news is that Tucker is so young, we believe he will heal relatively quickly. He will be on crate rest and activity restriction while he heals. He is currently home with one of our amazing foster families.

His foster mom says: “he is definitely limping and kind of falling over the leg when trying to walk, but despite all this he is a happy pup!” We’ve seen it time and time again- the resilience these dogs show in the face of adversity- and it never ceases to amaze and inspire us.

We can’t wait to see Tucker all healed and running like the pup that he is! We will keep everyone updated on his progress and in the meantime, please help us by donating to Tucker’s medical care fund. Thank You!

Tucker’s Updates:

Tucker has been adopted! Congrats to Tucker and his new fur-ever family!

tuckercuteFrom Tucker’s foster mom, Feb 1st 2015: Tucker weighs in at a whopping 6.5 pounds this week! Being deaf has its advantages too. Nothing wakes him up. He doesn’t bark or go nuts in the crate. He quiets down right away and he sleeps till like about 3-4 am and then once he is let out to go potty will go right back to sleep. A perfect baby!

From Tucker’s foster mom, January 2015: He is totally adorable! He is actually wanting to run around and play today. Of course right now he is crashed out. He ate and now he is out! He only weighs 4.9 pounds.

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