Toby, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Meet Toby.

Toby was rescued from the county pound at just seven weeks old with a case of “Strangles.” Strangles is a nodular and pustular skin disorder that affects puppies. Treatment consists of steroids and antibiotics. Toby has grown up with M.A.I.N. and is still looking for his perfect home! We want nothing more than to make this sweet guy’s dream of a fur-ever home come true.





















Toby’s Updates:

Toby has officially been adopted by his foster family! Congrats Toby!

Toby!From Toby’s foster parents: He is doing great! He is a pro at walking on the leash, he has learned sit, stay, and place! Most importantly is he really good at playing with other doggies! We love having him around; he is such a sweetheart.

Update from one of Toby’s weekend get-aways: I wish I could get a picture of him with his toys but he is too busy. I got more toys and treats today – he has a squeaky blue bear now that he loves! I’ve never had a dog that loved toys so much – he throws them up and catches them himself so I don’t get my hands on them, and if he sees something interesting he just stops playing or chewing and stands there staring with his toy in his mouth. I know what he is doing pretty much all the time when he’s in the back by the sound of the squeak or crunching! He is so much fun! When I pet him, he loves to have his head rubbed and will push his head into my hand; so full of love to give. He loves the grass – he never lies on the concrete patio unless he comes over to see me. He loves to munch on the grass too. He’s so happy – he is chewing on his new squeaky bear and barking at the neighbor dog right now.

Toby!Toby took a weekend break from the kennels with one of the dog walkers, Samantha. Here’s what she has to say about Toby! “We’re having fun! Some play in the yard (he LOVES tug toys), fetch, walking around, several pees (yay!!) and lots of exploring. He is sticking to me like Velcro, but is starting to explore a little bit away from me. Showing more interest in the cat and sniffing his tail, but not bothering him and taking correction from me. He has spurts of energy but is starting to calm a bit…he’s actually laying down on the floor near me. Very curious and sniffing everything. Gives lots of kisses and wants reassurance. I really think he will be a great dog if someone will give him a chance. He needs to be in a home though! But a special one that will be patient with him and can separate him from any dogs until he learns how to interact better. My dogs LOVE him through the crate, but he needs some time to learn how to be with them. I love that when I tell him to sit, he turns his back to me and sits on my feet! How cute is that?!”

Toby provided a life-saving blood transfusion for fellow M.A.I.N. dog Patrick, who had been hit by a car. Thank you Toby for being a M.A.I.N. hero!




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