Teddy, Poodle Mix

Teddy1Meet Teddy.

When we met Teddy at the shelter, we were incredibly concerned and rushed him to an emergency vet right away. We knew this little guy needed help and needed it immediately.

Teddy’s breathing was labored and his pupils were pinpoint- he had been brought in to the shelter after being hit by a car. Matted and filthy, this little guy was obviously running the streets for quite awhile. Xrays show that Teddy has two pelvic fractures and a tooth fracture. He is extremely dehydrated and is showing some neurological signs that there may be head trauma involved in his injuries.

TeddyUpdate on Teddy, Feb. 10th 2015: Our boy gets to go to foster today! One of our amazing vet techs worked with him today to shave off all the matts. We are sure he feels soooooo much better. He does have two pelvic fractures but they are not displaced, meaning the bones are where they need to be and will heal without issue. That is sadly the least of his issues. He is better hydrated and more aware, but is still having some neurological issues. We hope to see some improvement in the next few days although it could be months before he’s fully improved (or as well as he can be) neurologically. We are not able to rule out head trauma. His left front leg is useless and he has absolutely no feeling in it. The nerves to that leg were stretched/pulled from the brachial plexus (armpit) due to trauma, and that damage is irreversible. The leg will need to be amputated down the road, but he needs to be able to use the right front leg adequately to be able to operate on 3 legs. He just needs time and love at this point to see how well he recovers. The tooth that is fractured will also need to come out. Teddy’s foster family will work to get him to eat, but we can syringe feed him if needed. Think of a toothache and you eat something too hot or too cold- ouch! Teddy is on pain medication and that will help to keep him comfortable.

Teddy has a long and uncertain road ahead of him, but we ARE certain that Teddy has the best chance with M.A.I.N. and no matter what happens, he will know love from here on out. You can donate to his medical care via PayPal below. Thank You!

¬†Teddy’s Updates:

Teddy has officially been adopted by his foster family! Congrats Teddy and your furever home!

Teddy in fosterUpdate April 12th, 2015: Teddy was finally healthy enough to schedule surgery to remove his injured leg. He is healing well after surgery and getting lots of TLC in his foster home.

Update on Teddy, March 1st: Teddy is doing great! He is eating and drinking well and has really bonded with his foster family. He loves to follow them around and get pets. Teddy will need to have his injured paw amputated and we will schedule that when he is healthy enough for surgery.

From Teddy’s foster family, Feb. 15, 2015: Teddy is getting much stronger, though he still prefers to just lay still. He eats really well on his own, though still only drinks water that is mixed with his food. He wets his bed often. Sometimes while he sleeps. His pee is nice and clear now! He now knows who I am half of the time, maybe more often.




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