Stetson, German Shepherd

stetson (1 of 1)-5Meet Stetson.

Stetson was another stray, out roaming the hot Arizona streets when he was hit by a car. He was brought into animal control unable to stand or walk on his hind end.

Because of his injuries, he would have been put down at the county shelter if no rescue was able to help…that’s when M.A.I.N. stepped up for this beautiful boy!

We can’t imagine how we would feel if WE were struck by a car and so it amazes us that despite Stetson’s obvious pain from his injuries, his disposition remains as sweet as can be. He’s a gentle dog and gave his rescuers kisses as they carried him out to the car to take him to safety.

We suspect Stetson has a pelvic fracture but will know more after xrays and examination at our partner vet’s office. Please consider a donation to Stetson’s medical care via PayPal link below- every little bit helps!

Stetson will recover in a loving foster home. As always, we will keep everyone updated on Stetson’s diagnosis and progress on this new journey- his new life with M.A.I.N!

Stetson's xrayMedical Update, July 24th: Stetson is resting comfortably at our vet hospital. He has a fractured femur, a fractured pelvis, a dislocated hip and a luxation in his pelvis on the good side. Our vets are consulting to see if we are able to repair/save the leg. The dislocation presents a potential issue that could interfere with healing if we go with a pin to repair. We will post an update once a decision is made.


Thank you to the PACC 911 LuLu’s Angel Fund for their amazingly generous donation of $2500 for Stetson’s surgery! You can read more about the Lulu’s Angel Fund by clicking here.


Stetson’s Updates:

Stetson has been adopted! From E-list to A-list indeed. Congrats, handsome fella!

stetsonsmileStetson’s Adoptapet Bio: Hi! I’m Stetson! Life is good now- livin’ it and livin’ large. I like to smile, love my chow and will reward my humans with lots of kisses. By-the-way, my nickname is Robo-dog. Why, you ask? Well when those amazing humans at M.A.I.N. stumbled upon me I was pretty down and out. I had been hit by a car and had a bad pelvic fracture. Guess what? MAIN got me the surgery I needed (complete with pins and rods until I healed). I’m healthy now and the pins and rods have been removed, but my human friends still joke that I’m a “robo dog”! Other than going out on walks I’m very, very good at smooching with my humans. They seem to like it. They’ve taught me how to use a kennel (my humans, I mean). I don’t love it, but I can deal with it. I’m getting potty trained pretty well right now (difficult when you are limping around while healing up). I’m telling you though, this training is exhausting. After it’s over for the day, I just want to curl up and get some hugs and snuggles. Humans seem to be complying. I love my pack buddies, they are great. I’m still working on warming up to all humans. It just takes me a little bit of time and training. Speaking of training – the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach. Treats motivate me. I learn faster with treats….just sayin’. The best treat of all though would be for me to find my forever home! Hope that’s yours and you have a BIG bad of goodies waitin’ for me! P.S. – Just to let you know, life is great and I’m happy and always smiling!

Stetson!From Stetson’s foster mom, Aug. 9th: Stetson is feeling much better. His leg looks like it’s healing up nicely. He’s getting pretty frustrated with his cone and crate but foster mom keeps reminding him it’s for his own good. He still loves giving smooches and always wants to be right by you. He’s super cute!

Medical update, July 29th: Stetson is home with his foster mom resting comfortably. He has a metal plate in the femur and the hip is “pinned.” It’s all closed up with a huge row of staples.



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