Spencer, Redtick Coonhound Puppy

Spencer at the shelterMeet Spencer.

Spencer is an approximately three month old Redtick Coonhound rescued from the Yuma Humane Society. We know these pictures are shocking- we couldn’t believe the size of this little puppy’s belly when we first saw his pictures!

Spencer was found on the side of a road in Yuma after having been hit by a car. Our partner vets believe that the fluid in Spencer’s abdomen is caused by his liver leaking fluid secondary to the trauma of being struck by the car. The shelter vets actually drained a whole 14 oz off of his belly and it is still huge!

Our hope is that as Spencer’s body and liver heals, he will absorb the remainder of the fluid. In addition to the fluid on Spencer’s abdomen, he also has a broken leg and a urinary tract infection. He has been started no antibiotics, pain medication and a high protein diet to help his liver heal.

Spencer is doing well in foster so far and despite his serious condition, is one happy puppy! We will keep everyone updated on Spencer’s diagnosis and progress. Please, if you are able, donate to Spencer’s medical care chip in fund via PayPal below. The dogs only have us, and we only have YOU! Thank You!

Spencer’s Updates:

We struggle sometimes to write these sad updates……

Spencer in foster1Spencer has left this earth, but not our hearts. Although he never got to be the puppy and dog we all wanted him to be, we know absolutely that our little guy was loved by everyone who met him, and spent the last month of his life feeling love and kindness from everyone that crossed his path.

Hit by a car and rushed to Phoenix from Yuma, he had over 4 lbs of fluid in his abdomen due to a liver injury, and a broken leg the vets couldn’t set because with the extra weight, his balance wasn’t good enough to allow him to move on 3 legs. The liver injury resolved itself, and we were just putting a bit of weight on him in preparation for surgery when he broke with what we initially thought was just a really bad URI. He rallied and fought it for a week; we thought we had this, then overnight he fell apart.

Distemper. Again. Why?!?

Fate is a cruel master, and Spencer fell victim to it. We know he was happy, and we saw no evidence of pain, so that is what we have to hold on to. A couple of days before we lost him, his foster dad told his foster mom that he had whispered in Spencer’s ear that if he made it through this, they would keep him forever because he would need their special care. I guess forever was only a day. Thank you to the Lawson family for loving him, never giving up, and fighting right alongside him. We know your pain, and how we wish things would have turned out differently.

Rest in peace, Spencer.

Spencer Update, Sept. 10th 2015: Spencer’s Valley Fever is negative and no significant findings in the preliminary bloodwork. Right now the vets are diagnosing his condition as a liver contusion. Normally they would suspect the fluid to be a bit bloody with that, but it’s not, so he’s still kind of puzzling. He’s not gaining weight so the fluid is not replenishing (which is good). The vets gave him a Lasix injection earlier and they are monitoring his output. They are trying the diuretics to help him pee it out so he doesn’t lose it all at once. That would be bad and could cause shock. Besides the huge belly (and the broken leg) he’s a happy puppy.

From Spencer’s foster family, Sept. 2015: Spencer’s belly is HUGE! At times when he sits up he’ll fall or roll over because of his bowling ball belly! On the positive side his appetite, drinking, pee and poos are great. Spencer’s personality seems happy…LOVES belly rubs and his tail is always wagging!

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