Shelby, Chihuahua Mix

mange1Meet Shelby.

When we first saw this little girl, her poor red rimmed eyes haunted us. There was so much sadness there, we knew we had to try to help her.

Shelby is missing patches of fur, the worst part on her face and around her eyes. She also has some missing fur and red skin on her legs. Shelby tested positive for Demodex Mange at the shelter and needed a rescue outlet in order to make it out of the shelter alive.

One of M.A.I.N’s amazing fosters stepped up for this little girl and she is now safe in a foster home and has been seen by our partner vet. Shelby has been started on four different prescriptions for her mange, as well as for the skin infections caused by all the scratching.

We can’t wait to see Shelby’s “after” pictures once she is all healed! We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

In the meantime, if you can donate to Shelby’s medical care chip in fund, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank You!

Shelby’s Updates:

Shelby has officially been adopted by her foster family! Congrats to all!

Shelby’s Adoptapet Bio: “Hey, hey, hey, I’m Shelby. I’m a young’in , but not a pup. I was rescued by those wonderful peeps at M.A.I.N. and had an awful, itchy skin disease. Lucky for me, those folks helped clear that up FAST! No more scratching and I’m just a happy-go-lucky pup these days. And guess what — I get lots of baths. Love my baths. So here’s the deal…I’m learning my manners (apparently, I had very few when I arrived). And I’m getting there. Learning potty training, the doggy door and I get to hang out with my dog and cat friends all day. Did I tell you I have dog buddies? They are small like me, but they pack a lot of punch. We love, love, love to play. Even the cats dig me. Who’d a thunk it? I’m also good with humans, especially if they are nice to me. I love to curl up in their laps. I hardly weigh anything so it’s not a burden. It’s been really great to live here with all the other pets. I’ve learned about love and caring and playing and behaving. My hair is even growing back!!! I would love a family of my own to prove myself to. I’m hoping that could be you. See you soon. Shelby! I am spayed, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped and come with my County license. My adoption fee is $150.”

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