Scout, Poodle Mix

Meet Scout!

Scout was rescued from the county euthanasia list with a broken jaw. This appears to be his only injury, so we are unsure of how his jaw became broken.

What we DO know is that Scout will be safe and loved as part of the M.A.I.N. family. Please consider donating to his medical chip-in fund below; we desperately needs funds to cover the cost of his surgery!

Medical Update: Scout had surgery to repair his broken jaw and would really love a foster home to recover in! If interested in fostering this adorable guy, please email us at medicalanimalsinneed@gmail.com.

Scout’s Updates:

Scout has been adopted! Congrats to Scout and his new fur-ever family! Scout’s smile says it all!

Scout is home!Update on Scout, Feb. 4th: Scout is doing so good! He is one of the gang and loves to join in at playtime! He know what “outside” and “no bark” means. He plays with toys and snuggles with the others for daily nap time. At night he sleeps with his head on my pillow! He is such a special little guy.

Update on Scout, Jan. 24th from his foster mom: He is doing really well. Today he was flinging and chasing a tennis ball!! It really was cute. He was also playing chase with my pack and actually acting like a puppy. I am so happy to see him play!

From Scout’s foster mom, Jan. 8th: Scout is just the sweetest little guy! He fit right into my pack! Loves my younger son, doesn’t mind the kitty and almost went through the doggy door on his own. On top of all that- he is so CUTE!

From Scout’s foster, Dec. 27th: Scout has really been coming out of his shell…he barked today! He’s been eating more and more food and even ran alongside Tank and Noel as they were learning to play with each other. Then…out of nowhere he barked and ran after them joining in! He’s a cuddler for sure and loves just sitting on my lap. Wherever I am he comes to find me to sit or curl up on my lap.

From Scout’s foster, Dec. 24th: Scout is home with us now! He’s curled up on a blanket on the couch right now. This little stud muffin may have a crazy hair cut but he LOVES looking at himself in the mirror!

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