Sasha, Thai Ridgeback Mix

Sasha (10)After years of neglect and over-breeding, Sasha’s owners decided she was no longer worthwhile to them so they surrendered her to the local animal control.

She’s emaciated, depressed and has a skin condition which made her not suitable for adoption.

We’ll know more about her medical state when her blood work and tests come back but she’s safe tonight in a loving foster home who has been waiting to welcome her with open arms.

She’ll know more love her first night out of the shelter than she’s known her whole life.

Thank you to her transporter, Kim, for spending her day on the road traveling to Pinal county and driving this girl to safety!

Medical Update: Upon exam at the hospital, we found out Sasha is approximately 55+ days into an average 63 day gestation and is already producing colostrum for three, maybe four puppies….she’s going to have an amazing foster home to heal and recover in, but all help with medical expenses is greatly appreciated!


Sasha’s Updates:

Sasha finally found furever and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Congrats to all!

Sasha Favorite 1A note on Sasha from her foster mom: Sasha has filled out since her rescue and weighs about 45 pounds. She is a wonderful girl who is content to lay at your feet but she also loves to go for walks with my other dogs. She is very playful with my terrier and I have a larger male mix breed dog and they also get along just fine. Her fur is a beautiful soft chocolate brown and has come in nicely as she had skin conditions upon her arrival. She is a wonderful traveler in the car. Sasha is excellent with my two young sons and I have no worries whatsoever about her with children. She takes some time to warm up to new dogs so I don’t believe she would do well in an adoption event or dog park type situation. She is cat selective. We have a cat who is not timid and she will rub against him and leave him be but she will chase our other cats. She is extremely loyal and very clean. She is completely house and dog door trained. She easily warms up to women. She is timid with adult men but we are working with her on this. All in all, she is a wonderful dog who is very low maintenance. She is happy just being by her “person.”

Update on Sasha, Aug. 12th: Sasha is doing well since staying with us. She prefers to be right next to me during the day but also sleeps through the night in her own room and is totally housebroken. She has been no trouble at all! She also lets me bathe her without a fuss. She is so cute and such a love bug! She gives tons of kisses and loves to be kissed in return.

Update on Sasha, May 21st: My girl Sasha is looking so good…compared to her old life. She is now spayed and on meds to hopefully get her skin condition under control.

Sasha 15(1)Update on Sasha, April 6th from her foster mom: I love Sasha, she will make someone such a loyal pet. She is getting along great with my two dogs. Cats are a bit “iffy” but we are working on it. She is the cleanest dog…no accidents since she came to live with us. She is a lover and so thankful. One funny thing…she does not like black dogs. Her fur goes up and she will go at them. Hoping to work on this once the puppies are weaned.

Update, March 18th: Sasha delivered three puppies tonight!! We are so excited for M.A.I.N’s first litter of pups…stay tuned for LOTS of pictures!

From Sasha’s foster family, March 16th: She is wonderful and it is obvious she was not given any human attention in her previous life. Last night we weren’t getting much of a response from her to any affection that we gave her. This morning we are getting little tail wags, especially when my seven year old son pets and talks to her. She is exploring grass and tiptoeing around it; she probably has never seen grass before today. She is very small, only about an inch taller than my terrier mix and I think her fur will be like chocolate velvet when we can get her skin condition under control. All is going great! My sons are excited for puppies!

Sasha spent an afternoon posing for our wonderful volunteer photographer, Molly- check out her adorable pictures!

Check out these pictures from Sasha’s journey with M.A.I.N. She’s come a long way!

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