Sadie, Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Meet Sadie.

Sadie Sadie is an eight week old puppy who needs our help! Sadie has a condition called “Strangles” that occurs in puppies and causes large amounts of swelling and oozing, infected skin.

You can see Sadie’s whole muzzle, ears, eyes and neckĀ are affected with this condition; a normally highly adoptable dog like Sadie now has no chance of getting out of the pound alive without a rescue.

That’s why M.A.I.N. stepped up to help this adorable puppy get the vet care she needs to become a happy, healthy adult dog. It didn’t take long for Sadie’s rescuers to fall in love with her and we know you will too!

Right now, Sadie is so swollen we aren’t exactly sure what breed she is…but we’re looking forward to watching this cutie grow up and get better!

Be sure to follow Sadie’s story with us and as always, please donate to her medical care via PayPal if able. Thank You!

Hendrick Boards has shared Sadie’s story! We are so grateful to them for helping spread the word about our rescue and sweet Sadie. For every purchase of a “Giving Makes the World Go Round” tshirt, Hendrick Boards will donate $10 to Sadie’s care. More details on how to order one of the fabulous Hendrick Boards tshirts here!

Sadie’s Updates:

Sadie has been adopted! CONGRATS to Sadie and her fur-ever family!

Sadie!Sadie’s Petfinder Bio: Hi! Have you been looking for a sweet, energetic and FUN young puppy?! I thought so! Well that’s ME- Sadie!! You’re probably wondering why a dog as adorable as me is looking for a home. Well, a few months ago I had a condition called “Strangles” and would have been put down at the pound for my medical issue. Strangles affects puppies and causes large amounts of swelling and oozing, infected skin. I was miserable! Lucky for me, M.A.I.N. swooped in to save me and get me the vet care I needed while I recovered in a loving foster home. Now I’m all healed and it’s time for me to find a fur-ever family of my own!
Enough of all that sad stuff though- I’m NOT a sad puppy after all! I haven’t yet met a person or dog I don’t get along with and I like cats too if they’re friendly. My favorite thing in this world is playing- I hope you have lots of toys at home for me! Mostly, I love playing with people and having their attention. In fact, if I want your attention, you’ll be the first to know it (I have a powerful voice for such a little dog)! When I’m tired out I love to snuggle on your lap and sometimes your shoulder. Since I’ve been living in a foster home, I already have some training under my belt! My foster family has been teaching me potty training and I will go outside if you let me out. I still have a few accidents here and there, but I’m learning fast.
I hope I’ve shown you what a fun doggy I am because I think YOU may be my new family!

Sadie and ChopperUpdate, Nov. 28th: Sadie is doing great and is off medications. She is scheduled to be spayed next week and then will be available for adoption! Email us at medicalanimalsinneed@gmail.com if interested in giving adorable Sadie a fur-ever home!

Update, Nov. 1st: Sadie is responding well to treatment with antibiotics and steroids. You can see in the pictures below how great she looks after just nine days of treatment!

Medical Update, Oct. 26th: Sadie is currently on antibiotics, steroids and eye and ear drops for her condition. This isn’t contagious, so she will be able to interact with the other dogs in her new foster home.




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