Rocky, Yorkshire Terrier

Meet Rocky.

RockyAt six years old, Rocky was surrendered to a local vet with chronic, untreated ear issues. His owners refused a referral to a specialist, instead choosing to abandon him to a fate unknown.

Rocky has a possible tumor/growth occluding his ear canal. These growths could be built up tissue over time from the untreated infections or something more serious. Rocky will need the tissue removed and a biopsy.

Rocky’s former “family” may not have given him all that he deserved, but M.A.I.N. has stepped up for this little guy and will be getting him the vet care he needs while he recovers in a loving foster home.

As always, we can’t continue to save these wonderful souls without your support. Please share Rocky’s story and picture and if able, donate to his medical care chip in fund by clicking the Pay Pal link at the bottom of the page.

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Rocky’s Updates:

Rocky has officially been adopted by his foster family! Congrats!

Rocky is adopted!From Rocky’s fur-ever family (formerly his foster family): I’m proud to say I’m a “foster failure!” It took Rocky awhile to adjust to a new environment and learning how to get along with other animals, I would hate for him to have to start over. I’ve taught him how to use the doggy door, he memorized his eating schedule and sits by the pantry when its time to eat…and his favorite thing, terrorizing the cat!

Update, Aug. 21st: Rocky is doing great after surgery and his ear is looking so much better.

Medical Update, Aug. 6th: Rocky had surgery today and is safe at home with his foster family. We will update everyone with his progress.

Medical Update on Rocky, July 29th from the vet: As far as surgery goes, the affected ear has a canal that is very very narrow at the “top” and we are unable to get an otoscope cone past the “obstruction” to see what is going on further down in the canal. He made need surgery similar to what Annie had, which was a sort of modified lateral ear resection. Basically I just removed all of the tissue around the opening of the ear canal that was blocking airflow, etc. Once the ear is opened up I can remove the outer wall of the vertical canal. If the inner wall is also involved I may be able to do a vertical canal resection, leaving only the horizontal canal.

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