Robbie, Pharaoh Hound Mix

Robbie3Meet Robbie.

Robbie is approximately seven months old and was surrendered to the shelter by his former “family” along with another dog. Unfortunately Robbie’s skin was in terrible shape and he tested positive for Demodex Mange.

Despite Robbie’s terrible condition and incessant itching from the mange mites, he is a HAPPY boy! In fact, he’s so happy that he wags his tail constantly, causing a condition called “Happy Tail,” in which the tip of a dog’s tail splits open from constantly banging against the kennel walls.

This happy little pup stole so many hearts at the shelter, how could we say no to rescuing him?! Robbie is currently in a loving foster home while he puts on some weight and heals from mange and Happy Tail.

The best part of this? Robbie finally has all the room he needs to wag that tail with reckless abandon! 😉

We will keep everyone updated on Robbie’s progress. Please, if you are able, donate to his medical care fund via PayPal below. The dogs only have us, and we only have you…Thank You!

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Robbie’s Updates:

Robbie has been adopted! Congrats to Robbie and his furever mom!

Robbie4Robbie’s Adoptapet bio: Hi there, I’m Robbie, a pocket sized Pharaoh Hound mix. I’m still a pup, so I’m just learning my manners, but my foster mama is teaching me the ropes. I even learned the doggy door in record time. Even though I was in rough shape when the friendly folks at M.A.I.N. rescued me from the County shelter, I was always a happy-go-lucky guy. Even with all my itching and scratching those nice folks saw something in me that stole their hearts. I will be forever grateful. Hey, but enough of the past, let me tell you about my life in the here and now! It couldn’t be better. I have pup buddies who love me and because I love them back I’m learning to play like a “big” boy. We wrestle and cuddle and nap-out together. It’s so wonderful to have my canine best buds to help me feel safe and secure. Did I mention I’m also learning lots of commands? Hey, they tell me I’m pretty smart to have mastered sit and stay at such a young age – and no accidents in the house, to boot. My real talent, however, is just being a loving, happy companion to both my humans and pooches. I would love to meet a family that will love me back as much as I’m going to love them. Come and see me and we will settle down into the best-est family in the whole, wide world!!!

Update on Robbie, January 2016: Robbie is doing well in his foster home, learning to be a part of a pack and soaking up lots of love from his foster family. He is a super sweet guy who gives kisses! He only weighs 32 pounds and we can’t wait to see him put some much needed weight on as he heals.