Ramsey, Poodle Mix

Meet Ramsey.

Ramsey at county5Ramsey was yet another beautiful soul scheduled to be euthanized at the county pound for a medical condition out of his control.

It’s us humans that are supposed to take care of our fellow furry friends- those innocent creatures who ask only for a little love and care for all they give us in return.

Clearly, someone did NOT take care of Ramsey though…his nails are overgrown and his skin is dirty and covered in painful mats. He has large wounds covering his tiny body and his hair is falling out in multiple places.

Luckily for Ramsey and thanks to all of YOU, the rescue community on Facebook came together to network for this guy and M.A.I.N. stepped up to rescue him from the shelter to get him the vet care he so desperately needs.

As always, we will update everyone on Ramsey’s full medical condition and progress as we know more. In the meantime, please consider helping M.A.I.N. with Ramsey’s vet bills by donating via the PayPal link below. The animals only have us…and we only haveĀ  YOU!

Ramsey’s Updates:

Ramsey has officially been adopted by his foster family! CONGRATS to Ramsey and his fur-ever home!

RamseyFrom Ramsey’s foster mom, Sept. 27th: Mr. Suave aka RAMSEY after his bath this morning. Just a couple of tiny mats left under each eye and he is perfect. His fur is growing in although when he is wet he looks like a bald spotted eagle- don’t tell him I said that. He is small, and has all the ego that goes with that- he barks like a Rotweiller. He is the sweetest guy ever. He still needs shots and a dentist and a pedicure fairly often to get his poor feet back to normal from wearing his nails way too long for too long..BUT he is a diamond!

Medical Update on Ramsey, Sept. 26th: Initial Valley Fever and Tick Fever results were negative. He does show an inflammatory process in his blood work that could indicate chronic skin disease. He is on antibiotics twice daily and baths with a special shampoo three times a week.

From Ramsey’s foster mom, Sept. 16th: We had a great night! He laid on his little dog bed all night, not a bark out of him, no pee or poop in the house either. He is very laid back and just loves to be around people as well as other animals. Mr. Ramsey also went to the groomer. He loves that his nails don’t drag on the ground and he loves his nice hair cut! He’s a new man on his way to recovery- look how white he is now! What a difference!

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