Ramona, Shepherd Mix Puppy

R1Meet Ramona.

At just four months old, Ramona should be running and playing with a family of her own. Instead, she was abandoned at a local vet’s office with an obviously broken leg. Ramona had no family…and no lifeline.

That is, until M.A.I.N. stepped up to give this sweet young pup a new name and a new life!

We know you’ll embrace her, just as you have done hundreds of M.A.I.N. dogs before her.

Please share her story and as always, if you are able, donated to her medical care by clicking the link below. Thank you!




Ramona’s Updates:

We are so saddened to say that Ramona succumbed to Distemper on June 29th. We can’t express our grief or how grateful we are to her foster family for loving her the way she deserved these past few months. Rest in Peace, sweet Ramona.

Ramona and foster momUpdate on Ramona, June 30th: This is how we want to remember our sweet girl, Ramona…in those peaceful, contemplative moments her foster mom was able to capture with the camera during her short time in our care. And while Ramona captured all of our hearts, tonight we had to let her go…much, much sooner than any of us could’ve imagined. She had taken a turn for the worse this afternoon & was unable to hold her bladder, experiencing mild seizures, and foaming slightly at the mouth. It was clear to us she wasn’t going to get better and it wasn’t fair to put her & her foster family through any more suffering. They were there tonight, surrounding Ramona with their love, as she crossed The Bridge. Her foster mom shares, “I can’t begin to tell you how much she will be missed.”

Update on Ramona, June 29th: Friends, it’s heartbreaking to tell you that our sweet Ramona has taken a turn for the worse. She came into our care last month and had her broken humerus surgically pinned back together, through the support of Lulu’s Angel Fund/PACC911. Then, she developed URI symptoms that didn’t respond to antibiotics and began showing difficulty walking. Last week, she was hospitalized and given a continuous IV drip of fluids and antibiotics. Sadly, she became non-ambulatory, unable to stand or walk without assistance. We took her to a neurology specialist yesterday where they strongly suspect she has Distemper, based on the clinical signs present…her prognosis is guarded. She is on high doses of prednisone and antibiotics and will have several tests done next week to try to confirm the diagnosis. Right now all we can do is hope the medication works to reduce the inflammation in her neck and brain and that she’ll regain the use of her legs. Please send her and her wonderful foster family your thoughts & well-wishes…

Ramona's nap timeUpdate on Ramona from her foster family, June 17th: This morning I dropped Ramona in to BAH for a re-check. I was able to pick her up around 6:30 tonight. Dr. Miller was kind enough to show me the X-ray they took today…progress! But on the other hand, her temp was still up there so she did not get her immunizations. We go back in on Monday for another re-check and then in two weeks for her rod to possibly/probably be taken out and for her to be spayed. She has spunky happy puppy moments and then she’s just plain pooped out. Dr. Miller said that Ramona is doing what she’s supposed to be doing…healing and growing is a lot and I guess it would zap my energy too! So that is how these past few weeks have been going- bumps in the road but progressing slow and steady. Paw-sitive thoughts appreciated!

Update from Ramona’s foster family, May 31st: Ramona’s appt at BAH was encouraging! Dr. Miller took an x-ray and we could see the calcium growth around her bone. She still needs to be slow-mo though. Looking forward to introducing her to the pool and getting her feet wet this weekend!

Update from Ramona’s foster family, May 19th: She just wants to be around us (a.k.a. her people pack) all the time. She is super friendly, tail wagging, happy go lucky, smiley, whining for attention. I wonder if she knows she’s even hurt…? It’s hard to keep her mellow unless she’s sleeping!

Update from Ramona’s foster family, May 16th: Ramona made it home! She was so quiet for the ride and seemed to smile all the way. She’s just as cute as a button and so very good natured. The cone collar must stay on, which made it a little hard for her to eat and drink so we popped it off for mealtime and back on again. Can’t wait for day two!


***GRAPHIC WARNING***  May 15th: The pictures you are about to see show Ramona in the process of having the broken humerus in her front leg surgically repaired. You will see a picture of the exposed bone if you scroll through the album, so fair warning, it’s pretty traumatic. Please know that Ramona is resting comfortably tonight on pain management, the surgery was a success and her leg should heal just fine.For more on PACC911 and Lulu’s Angel Fund – http://pacc911.org/donate/lulus-angel-fund

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