Piper, Pit Bull Terrier Mix

PiperMeet Piper.

We can only imagine the neglect a dog has to endure to get to this point.

Piper was found as a stray with only tufts of hair remaining. Over those tufts of hair are horribly bleeding scabs, caused by Piper’s constant scratching in an attempt to make the itching stop.

Her eyes are crusted, she’s full of ticks and we can’t imagine how miserable she must feel…

But for all Piper is going through, she’s still full of tail wags and kisses for her rescuers; grateful for the first gentle touch in who knows how long, for someone who finally doesn’t turn away from her bleeding and scabbed body and the horrible smell of Mange.


We can only continue to help dogs in need like Piper because of YOUR generous support! Please, if you are able, donate to Piper’s medical care chip in fund below. The dogs only have us and we only have you…Thank You.


Piper’s Updates:

Piper has been adopted! Her new family flew in from Seattle to take her home fur-ever. Congrats Piper!

Piper loves kids!From Piper’s foster mom, Aug. 21st: Piper got her second negative skin scrape for mange today!! So, we were told she was about 10 months when I got her 3 months ago. However, she is a CHEWER and is VERY playful and has put on about 15 lbs since I have had her in those 3 months, so I suspect she is much younger than was originally thought. Weighing in at 46.5 pounds, Piper is an extremely happy, sweet and SMART wiggly little girl. While she still has some scarring from her mange, her coat is a beautiful reddish blonde and with her black eye-liner, she is already dressed for a party. She walks wonderfully on leash, knows basic commands and is extremely intelligent and willing to please. She is very food-driven, so she will do spectacular with just a little bit of training. She loves all kids, all people and all dogs. Unsure of cats as she has none in her foster family, but so far I don’t see a ton of prey drive in her. She is crate-trained and house-broken for the most part, but is still a puppy and sometimes needs reminders if she is playing too hard. Because she is a puppy, she is still very playful, but also LOVES to cuddle up and take naps. She is incredibly sweet and is a very good listener. She is an all around GREAT dog!

Piper!Update July 14th: Piper’s skin scrape came back negative today!! AND she is up to 42 lbs…not such a little girl anymore!

Update on Piper, June 18th: Piper had her checkup yesterday and things are moving forward. She gained 5 pounds, so maybe she isn’t going to be as little as we were thinking! Her hair is starting to grow back already, but the top of her poor head is still looking pretty rough.

Update from Piper’s foster mom, June 8th: Turns out besides her foster mama, Piper loves kids and men. Such a great girl. So smart and such a good listener! Love this one too much!  AND I think that might be a whisper of hair on her back!

Update from Piper’s foster mom, June 4th: Piper had her initial trip to the vet yesterday weighing in at 32 pounds! Shocking since she is so little! She is now on Ivermectin and medicated baths for the mange and her skin conditions, as well as antibiotics for her ear infection and respiratory infection. Unfortunately, the doctors think she will be on meds for a looooong time, but we intend on proving them wrong. She was very good getting her baths although, I am not sure who got more of the medicated wash since she just wants to be as close to you as possible. I’ll take it though because she sits so nicely instead of trying to escape!


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