Phil, Retriever Mix

Meet Phil! Phil is a gorgeous Flat Coat Retriever mix that was rescued by M.A.I.N. when he became very ill at the Apache Junction shelter.

He was found as a stray, already emaciated, and had not eaten much in the 30 days he was at the shelter.

After not eating at all for six days, Phil was taken to Bethany Animal Hospital. He is currently being treated with fluids and antibiotics. The bloodwork and xrays will tell us exactly what we are dealing with…





Phil’s Updates:

Phil has been adopted! His foster family decided they couldn’t let him go and made him an official part of their family. Congrats to Phil and his new fur-ever home!

Update from Phil’s foster mom, Nov. 7th: Phil was at BAH last week for a check up, and he is still being treated for his Pneumonia. He has another week of meds, then he’ll be back for a re-check and some x-rays. He also still needs to be neutered and gain a little more weight.

He is just the sweetest boy. He so far gets along with all dogs he’s been with- big and small and all temperaments. He really seemed to like my step daughter’s puppy. I think the other dogs have been teaching him how to play, don’t think he really ever did “play” with other dogs. He seems to do well with cats- he ignores Harley when at BAH, and ignored a neighbor cat when on a walk. He would most likely be fine as an only dog in the house as he absolutely loves his humans. He will also keep himself busy; he’s quite happy to chase the ball around the house or yard by himself. He is fully house trained, and has learned to use the dog door. He is also completely house trustworthy all day long. He absolutely loves, loves, loves the ball. He will run in and out of the dog door with the soccer ball- although I just can’t catch him on video.

He does not get on the furniture, but will put his paws up in your lap and lean on you for love and pets. He loves to follow his people around and will give little kisses. He loves his belly rubs, and will lay down and roll over for them. He is also finally starting to lay down on the dog beds- I don’t think he ever had one before. He’s a bit of a picky eater, but eating more and more dog food- he likes whatever the other ones like.

He’s still a bit timid and hides in the bedroom when he’s not sure about something, but he has come such a long way. He is still afraid of the vacuum, broom and loud noises.

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