Petunia Has Been Adopted!

Meet Petunia!

Petunia was rescued from the county euthanasia list with a condition called vaginal hyperplasia. This condition will resolve (generally on its own) after she is spayed. Until it shrinks and goes away, we will need to make sure it does not become traumatized, but she won’t require much in the way of care other than that.  Once she is spayed it will not recur.

Vaginal hyperplasia is most common in young intact female dogs and is thought to be caused by estrogen stimulation. There is a genetic predisposition to developing vaginal hyperplasia and this is seen quite often in the Bully Breeds.

Petunia’s Updates: Petunia was officially adopted by her foster mom- we call that a “foster failure”…the best kind of “failure”! Congrats to all!

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