Perry, American Eskimo Mix

Meet Perry.

Perry - American Eskimor Mix - MAIN - Medical Animals In Need. Phoenix AZ (2) Animal control was contacted when a caller claimed that Perry had been attacked by another dog.

Once back at the shelter however, it was discovered that Perry had been suffering from wounds for so long they had maggots in them!

Staff cleaned him up the best they could and then called us.

We know Perry’s life has been full of neglect but things have taken a turn for the better and he’ll be feeling like a happy, healthy dog in no time.


Perry’s Updates:

Perry has officially been adopted! Congrats to Perry and his new fur-ever family!

PerryA note on Perry from his foster mom: Perry is a sweet, affectionate, silly dog.  He’s playful but he’s still learning how to play.  We’re still working on things like playing fetch but he does love his soft toys.  He loves the grass in the back yard but hates the heat and cries to go in even if his human is outside with him.

He is crate trained, potty trained, does great on walks, does great in the car and knows how to sit and stay when there is something good in it for him.  He loves just hanging out with his human but also has a high energy side to him.  Perry gives great hugs.

He gets along with other dogs when introduced properly.  He also gets along with cats but not so much with kittens.  I think it is more of a jealously issue though.  Perry does tend to get jealous and that is something we are working on.  Because of this, he may do better with  kids above five.  He is friendly with people but loud people scare him.

His fur is still uneven but it is looking a lot better.  He needs to be brushed everyday to keep his undercoat from matting.

Perry2A note about the American Eskimo temperament: These dogs are bright, eager to please, lively and fun loving – in short, an enjoyable and generally obedient companion. Independent, tenacious and loves to run, especially in cold weather. The most biddable Spitz breed, calm and well mannered inside. Can be wary of strangers, maybe not the best choice for a home with small children, unless well supervised. Energetic and needs a good work out every day. Love the cool weather- MUST live inside. Needs brushing and combing twice weekly, more often when shedding. Agile, bolt, keen, alert.

Update from Perry’s foster mom, May 21st: Here is Perry when he first came to my backyard (see video). He was so happy and his head was held high. Such a sweet animal. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t absolutely cherish him. So far he’s ignored the cats. The first night went really well with him. Not a peep out of him. He is such a good dog. My only concern is that he’s not very interested in food. He is taking his meds with cheese like a champ though.

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