Penelope’s Photo Shoot from January 24th 2013

Don loves to take LOTS of photos for each of his fosters, and Penelope is no exception!


In this latest series, Penelope had some reservations about wearing one of our MAIN T-Shirts – so, Don included the outtakes below. “She is always so sweet and happy go lucky.  But, she knew I was going to put that t-shirt on her and she wasn’t thrilled about it at all. I love the expressions she gave as a result!” Enjoy…

Here are the photos Don chose as favorites:

and here are the photos we’ve labeled “outtakes” (although, they’re secretly some of our favorites!).

“I’m not sure I would try the white on white on white thing again… The t-shirt against everything else makes Penelope look like a floating head in some of the photos, but it was fun to try it anyway!” Don